Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exploring the Red Sea Coast of Egypt

One of the most popular regions in Egypt for visitors, the stunning beaches and azure waters of the Red Sea Coast are a traveler’s paradise. Every year thousands of tourists take flights to Egypt to witness the country's ancient monuments and to take a well earned break. 

Stretching from the border of Sudan in the south to the Suez Canal in the North, the Red Sea Coastline of Egypt spans 500 miles of coral reefs, ancient ports, and jewel-like lagoons. All along the coast you will find luxury beach resorts poised next to vibrant blue waters and sandy beaches, offering many opportunities to try a new sport or go on an adventure.

Hurghada – Welcoming Thrill Seekers
Hurghada had its origins as a small fishing village and is now the most popular tourist resort in all of Egypt. There are so many exciting things to do in Hurghada that it will make your head spin, including Quad-biking in the Sahara Desert, Camel rides across the plains, diving or snorkeling in the coral reeds, boat journeys to nearby islands, and much more. Hurghada also has a thriving and cosmopolitan nightlife scene.

Soma Bay – Get Away From it All
This Red Sea resort is the destination of choice for those who want to be pampered and relax in the sunshine, as it has a superb selection of luxury hotels, a championship-quality golf course, and an elegant spa. The flat water conditions and side shore winds of the bay also make it an ideal location for kite surfing and sailing. Soma Bay is also the place to go if you want to treat yourself to a delicious meal at a fine restaurant, as there are many to choose from here.

Scuba Diving – An Underwater Universe
The Red Sea is absolutely teeming with a wide variety of exotic fish and coral species, making it one of the best destinations in the world for diving. The water is warm and clear, offering excellent visibility to divers all year round. The best season for diving in the Red Sea is either at the end of Spring or in Autumn, although it is possible to dive here all year round. The Red Sea in Egypt is also home to some particularly amazing ship wrecks which are fun for scuba divers to explore.

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One of the most famous of these wrecks is the Thistlegorm, which was a 1941 British ship carrying a cargo of war supplies. It was hit by a German bomb and sunk into the Red Sea near Egypt. Scuba divers exploring this wreck will find that most of the guns, trucks, and motorbikes within the hold are all preserved in remarkably good condition and also that the wreck is now home to an impressive variety of marine life.

This is just a small taste of what you will discover when you plunge in and explore the Red Sea Coast of Egypt!

This article was written by Elena Price on behalf of Etihad Airways, the UAE's national carrier. Elena enjoys writting and travelling, she currently contributes to a number of websites, including Time to Wander