Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 10 ~ Holiday Gift Guide ~ My Zombie Insurance

My Zombie Insurance is the ORGINAL and #1 zombie insurance provider in the world, recommended by home builders, general insurance companies, and undertakers.

How does My Zombie Insurance protect you from costly, unexpected zombie-related bills? Here are a few ways:

My Zombie Insurance is the Original As with any brilliant idea, there are copycats, and My Zombie Insurance has no shortage of copycats lately. Do you want the best? Do you want the original? Look no further than MZI.

Coverage for Life: Once you're insured, you're covered for life. No renewal necessary, no renewal fees or yearly fees. You're all set.

Coverage Beyond Your Regular Insurance: General insurance companies do not cover you in case of a zombie-related incident. Just as you would purchase flood insurance in addition to your homeowners insurance, zombie insurance is an important supplement to any general or umbrella insurance plan.

No Dollar or Time Limits Per Claim: Some policies only pay up to a certain amount to cover a zombie-related injury or property damage, which means that once that amount is reached, you are stuck paying for the remaining cost. Instead, My Zombie Insurance policies have annual limits that are fully reinstated each year, regardless of previous claims.

You Can Afford to Get Insured. For only $9.99 (our Special Sale Price, regular price is $12.95), you get zombie insurance for life. You will receive your insurance card, proof of insurance certificate (with room for your name), and "Protected By" window decal to ward off potential zombie attacks. Shipping is free.

Zombie Insurance is simple and necessary. Zombie attacks have been on the rise for years, so it is important to be prepared. It will save you both time and money if you need to repair your house, replace your stuff, or fix your car after the zombies come through your neighborhood.

Does my policy cover my personal health? Our plans only cover zombie-related attacks that result in damage to your physical property — such as your house, car, iPod, comic book and/or Cosmopolitan collections, Star Wars DVDs, and all your other stuff that your regular insurance companies don't cover in the event of a zombie attack. Not to worry though, your health insurance will cover any injuries you may incur from a zombie (just tell them it was a living person).

My Thoughts~!!

This is a really groovy idea~!!  I love the concept and seeing as we are all zombie crazy in my house, this makes the perfect gift~!!

I received a certificate, a sticker decal and a Zombie insurance card to carry in my wallet or pocketbook.  Its hard plastic, tough and durable and states that the bearer of this card has their possessions protected from Zombie invasion.

Now, with the CDC setting up survival books in case of a Zombie Apocalypse, you wouldn't want to leave your mass of wordly possessions to be destroyed in the event your house is over run or you have your BlackBerry destroyed as it flew out of your pocket during a Zombie attack.

My husband was thrilled to receive the card and together we could see more marketing opportunities for such.  Not only tee shirts, which My Zombie Insurance does offer, we were thing plush toys, board games and all kinds of My Zombie Insurance novelties.

I found the customer service to be friendly and excellent and the product arrived in a timely manner~!!  These would make EXCELLENT gifts for that Zombie lover on your holiday wish list or if you need something for that "hard to buy" someone~!!  Their future survival may depend upon it~!!

Now, My Zombie Insurance and we here at The Marsh, would love to give TWO of you the chance to WIN a My Zombie Insurance Package for their VERY own...

Isn't that ghoulishly groovy??

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