Thursday, December 8, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: The Noctuary by Greg Chapman

The Noctuary is a Horror Novella.

Simon is an author with writer's block; he is unable to put onto paper what he imagines in his mind.  On the night that Meknok arrives, everything Simon once knew, no longer holds true.

After his first encounter, Simon begins to see things in a different view, prostitutes become oozing, festering demons and the streets seem to be made of flesh.  Feeling he is losing his mind, he stops in Marci's diner for a bite to eat and to gather his thoughts.

Henry Schiller knows exactly what Simon is going through, for he too is a protege of Meknok's and Henry believes that Simon should realize what he is getting himself into.  Taking Simon back to his apartment, Simon comes to realize he is about to sell his soul in order to share his muse.

Meknok is one of the nine Dark Muses; those who bring anarchy and chaos through creative mediums in order to remove the souls of their hapless victims.  Meknok's newest "pet" is Simon; Meknok believes Simon has the power to recreate all that he writes.  Whatever Simon envisions and sets to paper, appears to occur in real life.

After a horrifying experience with his publisher, Christine, Simon demands that Meknok tell him the truth about everything, or no matter what the cost, Simon will never put pen to paper again.  Each of the Dark Muses puts a stake into Simon and now his soul is on the line.  Will Simon write the ultimate dark tale, the one that would ruin mankind forever or will his moral soul save the destruction of everyone around him?

I thought this was a well delivered novella that had enough creep to keep you reading.  I enjoyed the whole premise of the plot and the twists, turns and mind-freaks kept you guessing as to what the final outcome would be. 

I like Simon and reading of his struggles with the demons within himself and how his thoughts and actions were shared with the reader.  I thought Meknok was a decent antagonist with all his doom and gloom and equally enjoyed his presence as I did the other muses.  Their dark history was interesting to read.

There were a few issues with dialogue, sometimes it appeared trite and choppy, and other times forced, like the author wasn't quite sure what he wanted his characters to say.  Though I found this a hindrance, I am sure it wouldn't be noticed by most readers. 

I would give The Noctuary a four out of five stars.  I enjoyed the plot and the outcome was equally pleasing, however, the dialogue fell short for me.  It's not a very long read and could be enjoyed in one sitting, especially at night, when your all alone.  There's just something about reading demons that requires a certain ambiance.

Simon Ryan is Hell's new scribe...the safety of our souls will depend on his every word. Struggling writer Simon Ryan's life has gone to Hell. Shadows are pouring into his reality and his words are not his own anymore. He has been chosen to become a scribe for some of the worst creatures of the Underworld-the ones whose sole purpose is to torment human souls-The Dark Muses. As Simon writes he falls deeper into the abyss and before long he has no sense of what is real. With the help of another scribe, old and mutilated, Simon comes to discover that his writing can mould people and places-that he can write things out of existence. To become a scribe he has to pass a test and the Muses offer him a chance to rewrite his horrible past. All Simon has to decide is how the story ends.

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