Monday, December 5, 2011

7 Unhealthiest Cities in America

Eating healthy is probably one of the hardest things to do. I mean, who is going to pick a boring leafy salad over a yummy, sizzling piece of pizza that is piled high with delicious veggies and meats? Only someone with a lot of self-control. The worst part is that eating healthy can also cost more. With more Americans facing job cuts, it seems like the better choice to eat out and not worry about spending so much. If you are thinking about moving, take a look at these cities, they are the unhealthiest cities in America. Watch yourself!

1. Detroit, MI. According to the CDC, 33% or the people that live here are obese. This is extremely worrisome, 1 in 3 people? Seems like people have begun to notice and there is a movement to make empty lots into community gardens.
2. Fort Wayne, IN. Rates of obesity and heart disease are record breaking. Even though people are fat, it seems like they are happy. It is well above the “happy” scale when rated to other cities.
3. Lubbock, TX. 32% of the residents here are obese. Who could blame them? There are tons of yummy steakhouses and barbecue places around the city.
4. Dallas, TX. The people that live here are all about the fast food. They eat fast food on an average of almost 21 times a month. A month!! There are usually 30 days in a month. The national average is 17 times a month. It seems that the reason it's people are obese is because no one walks to work. Only 7% of people walk or bike to places.
5. New Orleans, LA. How could these people not be obese? With so many deep friend plates and the mindset of always self-indulging, people are way more likely to be obese when they live here. But, you can still workout―over 25% of this city is parkland.
6. Tulsa, OK. It seems like people here don't walk (or can't) to where they need to go. Most people that live here are completely dependent on their cars.
7. Louisville, KY. This city has the most McDonald's in an area. Try 39. This city also boasts, 17 Dairy Queens, 19 Papa John's, and 20 Arby's. Fast food anyone?

Although where you live isn't going to make you fat; you need to realize that the things around you will. If you are considering moving to any of these cities, be aware that you will have to be even more conscious about your weight and health.

About the Author
Neltje M is a writer for My Colleges and Careers is a great tool for those that may want to move out of an unhealthy city and enroll in online courses.