Saturday, December 10, 2011

O Canada Lyrics Are NOT Changing...The People Have Spoken~!!!

When it comes to Canada's National Anthem, Canadians have made it loud and clear that we LOVE the lyrics just the way they are~!!

Last week Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, decided not to follow Austria's lead in developing a more neutral-gender national anthem.  Last year, Harper had tried to develop an interest in changing Canada's anthem and after negative response to the idea, Harper quickly dropped the thought.  The Prime Minister's Press Secretary, Sara MacIntyre, stated that "Canadians are very proud of their national anthem as it is."

Austria has revamped their lyrics and as of January 1st, 2012, they will officially change from, "homeland of great sons" to "homeland of great daughters and sons."  The change has been long in coming as the countries politicians have been working on this change since the 1990's.  

Prime Minister Harper also expressed desire to change the Canadian anthem which states, "in all thy sons commands" to a more gender-neutral friendly lyric.  Politicians and citizens alike declared that there were more important things that you could do for women than spending to change a lyric that many do not find offensive.

Senator Nancy Ruth believes the idea to be a good one, but rather than rewrite the words to include women, she'd like to see the song revert to its original version, written by Robert Stanley Weir in 1908, in which it states, "true patriot love thou dost in us command", removing the "in all thy sons commands."  Though she has no plans to pursue this change, it is still nice to dream about it.

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