Sunday, December 4, 2011

How To Find The Right Bra

Boobs, knockers, the ladies; whatever the name, all women are blessed with breasts. Some are more manageable than others while some cups runneth over; but big or small, would you believe that almost 80% of North American women have never worn the right bra size? Many women find themselves stuffing their ample or not so ample bosom into a cup size that that is either too small or too big. It is said that finding the perfect fitting bra is one of the most uplifting and liberating experiences a woman can have; as proper undergarments instantly make a women look and feel better.

The right bra should fit like a glove; and aside from the benefits to your appearance and confidence, a proper fitting bra improves posture, relieves back and shoulder pain and gives an all over slimmed down look.

Finding the perfect bra isn’t rocket science; these tips will help you find the right fit!

Stand in front of a mirror in your bra; if you breast pillow or balloon out of the top and sides, your bra is too small; and if the back band rides up and isn’t parallel with the front or your straps dig in and leave marks, you bra is simply too small. Your bra is too big if your straps fall down on their tightest setting, the fabric puckers or there is a gap between your bra and body.

Seeking the guidance of a professional can prove beneficial when looking for the right bra. Book a fitting; where an experienced professional will size up the shape of your breast and take measurements across your chest and around your back and rib cage and then across the fullest part of your breast. You could do this yourself; but, who would want to? During your fitting, you will be asked to try on a variety of styles, which will allow you to determine your best fit. An expert tip is to always fasten your bra on the loosest hook to prevent stretching.

Many women get caught up in lettering; but the letters are only about proportion as they represent a ratio between your bust and back measurements. There is misconception about breasts and bra sizes; most women still think that a D cup is a large size, but more than half of us are a D or bigger- remember it’s a ratio not a size!

For the nursing or pregnant mother, your breasts are changing quite a lot during pregnancy and the nursing phase. During the first trimester opt for an inexpensive maternity bra, this is the phase where breast growth is rapid; and spending on an expensive bra will only result in wasted money as it will surely be outgrown. In the third trimester, those who plan to breastfeed should be fitted with a nursing bra around 36 weeks; and don’t go wild, buy one to start, as no one can predict what your postpartum body will do. Four to six weeks postpartum is when a nursing mother should be fitted again, this is when your body will have settled after delivery. When getting fitted be sure to consider nursing schedules, engorgement and fluctuations in breast size, and consider buying multiple bras to accommodate.

A note about bra care; bras should be washed after every wear, as body oils wreak havoc on fabric. Be sure to wash by hand or in a mesh bag when using a washing machine and always wash on a delicate cycle in cold water with mild detergent to preserve the quality of your new bra.

Bianca Osbourne is a freelance writer and natural foods chef, who focuses on super food recipes for health; which she believes are the best anti aging skincare treatment. Along with a passion for food, she is passionate about a holistic approach to wellness; she educates women on natural birth control and how to take their health into their own hands.