Friday, December 9, 2011

End of the Year Traditions

At the end of every year, there are a few traditions that I make sure I do. The end of a year signifies the end of an era and also the beginning of a new one. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up before you jump start into a brand new year. Everyone has their own traditions and customs during the holidays. I like to do these things at the end of every year in order to wrap my year up before the new year comes. If you don't have any traditions, start some this year! It is never too late.

New Year's resolutions
This should be on everyone's list of traditions. This is the typical one that everyone does at the end of the year. Make a list of goals you want to accomplish in the new year. Be practical about it though and make sure they are all goals that you can definitely accomplish. For example, win the lottery, is not a goal that you can help. That is purely by chance. Instead, make resolutions like, be healthier this year and stay fit. This is a good goal because it does not set improbable expectations.

Deep clean
At the end of every year, I like to do a thorough cleaning of my room. It doesn't sound fun, but if you play some music and really focus, it won't take you too long. At the end of the year, there is probably a bunch of junk all over your room. In my room right now, I have an unpacked suitcase, papers all over the floor from recent assignments, weeks worth of clothes that have not been hung up, and probably 8 different bags lying all over. It's a bit of a mess. As soon as finals are over, get to cleaning. You will be refreshed as you start the new year in a clean environment.

Write a list of 100 things you did
This is a tradition that my sisters and I started a few years ago. Every year, we make a list of 100 things we did. If sounds weird and maybe pointless but think about it. Do you ever think about a memory and wonder when that happened? If you write down 100 things you did every year, you can refer back to it whenever you need to or want to. Sometimes it is a hard task to list that many things you did in one year but if you think really hard you can do it.

Make a home video 
In my family, we love to record each other at the end of the year and predict what will happen in the year to come. Then we always watch past year's home videos and we can see if our predictions came true or not. It's interesting to see what everyone looked like and how they have changed every year. You'd be surprised at how much your looks change in a year.

Buy a calendar
And of course, you must buy a new calendar. This year I saw lots of different options from Justin Bieber to Jersey Shore to puppies. Like I said, there are lots of different options. I love getting a new calendar to signify that I am ready for the new year. Post it on your wall as soon as you get it to welcome the new year.

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