Monday, December 12, 2011

The Death Of The Briefcase

In today's world of online commerce and an increasingly paperless society, Briefcases may be going the way of the dodo bird. Or are they?One of the most iconic accouterments of the business world seems to have out lived it's function. Today the more common accessories for the business person have become laptops, tablet computers, smart phones, etc. But there is still a need to transport them and keep them safe from shock and the elements.The trusty old, leather clad Briefcase might be virtually absent from it's native habitat like boardrooms and offices around the world. It is being replaced by  a plethora of new and exciting personal accessories.

Modern Standards Are Just The Same
The standard briefcase hasn't disappeared completely though. just a few minor redesigns have been made. In fact several leading briefcase manufactures are doing just that. Reworking some of their most popular designs to meet the needs of today's corporate professional. Removing folders from the inside lid that were originally for organizing loose pages and adding partitions to accommodate laptops, chargers and all of those indispensable little electronic gadgets that are required to optimize them or otherwise keep them functioning.

Modern Men And Modern Styles
These days most professionals are a bit more style conscious than in past decades. The Baby Boomers are moving into retirement and Gen X'ers are taking their seats on the board. No longer content with the cookie cutter mold of the corporate jungle they may instead wish to make a statement with the tools of their trade. This can be easily accomplished with leather messenger bags, backpacks, purses and luggage all specifically made with the business person on the go in mind. Most of these are available in a host of styles and configurations, to suit every need.  Most will offer wonderful security and protection not only for their expensive devices but for the invaluable information that those devices hold.

Personalization is another attractive option for the style savvy professional. Not just the small brass name plate, oh no. New manufacturing techniques and computer design advancements are making it possible to have a truly one of a kind briefcase. An actuarial work of art that will do double duty as a fully functional mobile office. The types and variety of devices available are certainly no issue with the way in which they can be transported. Many of the briefcases and bags on the market have this diversity accounted for as well. Often they will have velcro or snapped partitions that can be reconfigured to suite any size device.

The Cost
Cost is another area that has benefitted from these same advances. With the rapidly expanding market for electronics, bags and cases have enjoyed their success in parallel. Making it possible to create them at a much lower price. Now one can have a bag or case for each day of the week or each outfit one wears to the office for less than the cost of the once prestigeous and costly leather briefcases.

 Your imagination and the functions that you require are the only limiting factors.

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