Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Best Websites to Learn Sewing

Sewing is a great skill to learn, because it is fun and practical. Sewing can be a great hobby that will keep your hands busy and your mind focused while creating tons of neat projects. It is also a very handy thing to know how to do if you want to repair or create your own clothing or other fabric items. Anyone can learn to sew, and the Internet is a great resource to help you learn. If you’re interested in learning to sew, visit any of these websites to help get you started.
This is probably one of the best resources out there for beginners. If you want to learn how to sew, this website has an incredible number of PDF guides to sewing, from all the basics to more advanced concepts. There are detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures to guide you. There are also numerous free projects, from clothing to home décor to accessories to holiday ideas. It also has a section on charitable sewing, where you can learn projects that you can donate to those in need, including teddy bears for hospitalized children and wheelchair tote bags.
If you’re looking for patterns, this website is the place to go. There are thousands of patterns that will inspire you and help you practice your skills. There are patterns for almost anything you can think of including accessories, handbags, clothing, quits, dining, and toys. You can learn how to sew for babies, pets, and men, and how to recycle fabric and clothing. There are also categories for holidays, maternity clothes, and weddings. It includes information on basic sewing techniques and tutorials, as well as many ebooks available for free download. You can sign up for the Sewing It Up newsletter that comes three times a week, and each issue features a different sewing theme with related projects.
This blog from the Singer sewing machine company contains many video tutorials on sewing using a sewing machine. It is a great place to find a video that will visually demonstrate techniques for you. It contains videos for beginners as well as those who are more advanced. If you are more inclined to use a machine than to sew by hand, this is a great resource.
This website also contains many guides to the basics of sewing. It also is a great resource for people who want to learn how to knit. It contains how-to articles and free patterns and project ideas.
This blog is maintained by blogger Laura Nash, who is a teacher, seamstress and pattern maker from Oregon. Laura writes on many topics related to sewing and pattern making, and she often posts very detailed how-to’s. Some recent posts explain how to estimate the amount of fabric you’ll need and how to make tulip sleeves. This website is for more experienced sewers, but it also contains great information on where to find useful tutorials, giveaways, and interesting guest posts.
For more video tutorials on sewing, just search YouTube! There are hundreds of sewing instructional videos, from the basic to the very specific. Just search for your needs and you’ll come up with a variety of helpful results. Some of the best users for sewing instruction that you can look up are ProfessorPincushion, PowerSewing, TheSewingStudio, the Learn to Sew 101 series by PukingPastillesEtsy, and SewWhatbyAndrew.

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