Wednesday, December 14, 2011

5 Unusual Christmas Decorations

Christmas is a time to celebrate the season. Decorate the house with glitter, tinsel, garland and more. The tree should have ornaments that reflect the owner's taste and style. Of course, a sense of humor is essential during the holidays to alleviate stress.

Many people hang unusual ornaments and decorations to reflect their hobbies, lifestyle or sense of humor. Some do it just to see who will notice. This season, decorate your house with these five unusual Christmas decorations and have fun.

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Green Glass Pickle Ornament

According to tradition, the pickle ornament was the last one hung in German houses. This was supposed to bring good luck, as the tree was decorated on Christmas Eve. The children would look for the ornament, and whoever found it would get an extra gift from St. Nicholas.

This year, revive the fun tradition with this glass ornament from Christmas Decorations Gift Store online. Buy several to give as gifts to friends, co-workers and family. Include the history so they can revive or make a new tradition.

Decorate With a (Not-So-Subtle) Hint

Tell your loved one's what you really want by decorating. Here is an example.  Ever since "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," the travel trailer has a special place at Christmas. For the RV'er (or those who want to be), decorate the house with everything RV.

Start with a travel trailer cookie jar and fill it with RV-shaped cookies for Santa. Fill an RV teapot with Santa's favorite beverage. Decorate the tree with RV shaped lights and ornaments. Wrap presents with RV stamped wrapping paper. See who will get the hint.

A Lawn Ornament Everyone Will Remember

Try something different on the lawn this year and go with the 48" tall lighted moose sign. Wearing a logger's cap and holding a sign that says, "Ho, Ho, Ho," he has a warm and inviting smile. Candy canes decorate under the sign and holly leaves decorate the pole. No one will forget this friendly and funny decoration.

Farting Reindeer and Santa Ornaments

Farting toys have not seen their last days. The reindeer butt and Santa butt farting ornaments are made to be played with (pun intended), as setting them off will get them to fart "Deck the Halls" for 15 to 20 seconds. This goes well with the singing fish or other mounted singing rubber animals. People will laugh as they press the ornament and hear the tune.

These five unusual Christmas decorations add a little humor to the Christmas cheer this year.

Pick up one, or all five. Make a package gift for someone who needs a little cheering up this year.

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