Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What are the Most Collectable Antique Items?

For many people, collecting antiques can turn from a fun hobby into a serious investment, so knowing what items to look for and which are most collectible can help you expand your own collection. By finding the rarest items, the items in the best condition and in demand collectibles, you'll also increase the overall value of your collection, which is especially useful if you ever plan to resell or become an antique dealer yourself. Passing these lovely antiques down from generation to generation, too, can make it worth your while to do a bit of research about popular antiques that are worth the investment.

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At many online collectible sites or walk-in antique stores, you may find everything from an antique, vintage pair of shoes to war memorabilia. Toys, clothing, furniture, games, mirrors, paintings, and old photographs are all common finds at such antique retailers, but there are several items in particular that have remained consistently collectible and may rise in value over the years.

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Silver antiques, such as silver plated hand mirrors, silverware or jewelry are all highly sought after and may fetch high prices. Be certain to keep an eye out for period pieces that may have silver inlays, too. Because of its elegance, silver and silver plating was used in many household decorations. Antique coins were often minted from silver and may be worth quite a lot depending on the year and condition.

Toys are always a popular collectible, and antique toys are no exception. Hand painted dolls, figurines, toys with movable or mechanical parts, and even board games are all worth the time to look over. Dolls and antique doll houses usually are the most valuable of antique toy collectibles, but toy fire trucks, made from real steel or iron, can also be a great investment.

Dinning ware, such as plates, tea cups, cookie jars and steins can be a wonderful find if they are hand made or rare enough. Carnival glass, china, porcelain and milk glass items are especially in demand. If the plate, saucer or cup has hand painted designs, the value may also be increased, especially if it was done by a notable artist or company.

Rare book collections or first printings of classics or rare editions can be some of the most valuable antiques on the market. Before you purchase, make sure the binding is in good condition and there are no missing or torn pages. Finding early edition copies is ideal, especially if the collection is complete.

Whatever you choose to collect, be sure to look for quality items which will continue to stand the test of time and will prove valuable later in life.