Monday, November 7, 2011

The Ugliest Myth Ever Perpetuated

The Ugliest Myth Ever Perpetuated
“There are no unattractive people, only people who don't know how to groom themselves properly.” Natalie Clive

Anyone who has ever had the thought, “I'm ugly”, listen up (That should be everyone. . . )! If you've ever felt that you weren't very attractive, there's hope.

Actually, not just hope, but scientific proof that there is something other than natural good looks that causes the bulk of attraction. According to a study done way back in 1997, it is our changeable features that are the most attractive. What exactly does 'changeable features' mean? It means anything about yourself that you can be enhanced by spending a bit of time and energy on your appearance.

In the study mentioned above, done by Mehrabian and Blum, the researchers took pictures of a wide selection of individuals from the opposite sex and had university students rate the level of attractiveness of the person pictured. The researchers then used statistical analysis to pinpoint which of the features made the attractive people so “attractive.” The conclusion, which was mentioned above, was a surprising result for the researchers. The kinds of changeable features that were rated the most attractive were: well-fitting clothes, well-groomed appearance, straight posture, and a healthy weight. All of these things can be fixed naturally. There is no need to for surgery, extreme dieting, or spending thousands of dollars on cosmetic enhancements. Taking an extra ten minutes out of your day to fix your hair, shower, and brush your teeth will do wonders for your attractiveness, not to mentioned your self-confidence.

The next set of features that seemed to have any influence were perceived masculinity, femininity and pleasantness. What this means is that a man with a square chin might seem more attractive to some women, but only if he is taking care to shave that chin properly everyday! A woman who has long, beautiful hair might seem more attractive if she makes an effort to brush and style it on a regular basis instead of leaving it in messy waves. In both genders, it was equally attractive when someone had a sunny disposition and was pleasant with those around them. However, even these features were still less important than personal grooming.

If you feel like you missed out on a few key genes when you were born, don't lose heart! Being a natural beauty doesn't count for much, if you don't take care of your personal appearance. For women, this means things like showering regularly, styling your hair; and yes, putting on makeup, even if it's just a tiny bit. For men, it means that they take a bit of pride in their dress, always try to smell good and keep their hair and face trimmed. For both men and women, make sure you hold yourself confidently, work on having a genuinely happy attitude, go to the gym regularly and do your best to amplify your gender.

Remember, if you take pride in how you look, others will notice. This holds more sway in how attractive you look to others than being born beautiful. And supermodels? They would be as plain as the next person if they didn't take hours a day primping themselves to look more glamorous. You don't need to spend hours a day, just a few minutes will do!

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