Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Top 5 Most Unusual Bacon Food Products

Most of us love bacon, and find it one of the tastiest varieties of meat around. This love has led a number of companies to dream up (and create) some highly unusual and original food products that contain or have been flavoured with bacon. We’re not entirely sure that we would want to try any of these, but they could become great gifts for sheer novelty factor. How far would you go to get your bacon fix? Check out these bizarre products that are on sale today –

Uncle Oinker’s Bacon Mints – Yes you’ve read correctly, there are actually bacon flavoured mints out there. We assume these would be used to freshen your fresh for the meat lover in your life. This sounds bizarre, but you never know! Imagine calling up a takeaway and asking for some of these with your Chinese or Indian meal.

Baconnaise – This genius product blends the popular condiment of mayonnaise with bacon to great success. It brands itself as the ultimate bacon flavoured spread, and to be honest, we can’t really think of any rivals! It might have the market in this particular niche field of bacon flavoured spreads.

Bacon Jam – We spoke to soon. There is a rival in the bacon spread industry, and its in the form of bacon jam. We suppose you can apply this to your toast in the morning and enjoy it with your glass of orange juice. Not convinced? Well neither are we, and next time we’ll probably be buying strawberry jam over the bacon alternative. You’re probably feeling the same way.

Bacon Baby – This crazy product is literally bacon flavoured baby milk. We don’t know who would be happy giving their small children bacon flavoured milk, but if you’re the type of person who would, then there’s a product that’s right for you.

Bakon – This is first entry for a drink into this list, and what a drink! Bakon is a vodka flavoured with bacon, obviously. We can’t imagine trying this, or mixing it with another soft drink. Perhaps the novelty is the greatest appeal of this product, and it would make a great gift for a bacon lover.

Whilst we understand this is no post for a vegetarian, we hope there’s been a product here that has inspired you to become more adventurous with your bacon eating habits. Good luck with your search for any other future bacon related treats.

Steve loves bacon, but when ordering takeaway, tends to opt for Chinese takeaway Chelsea or Hammersmith delivery. Perhaps bacon chow mien could be on the menu?