Sunday, November 13, 2011

Modern Décor on a Budget

Just because you don’t have thousands to spend on your home décor doesn’t mean you have to live in a boring home with blank walls and no pizazz. Whether you’re renting or just purchased your own property, you can create a beautiful modern look without spending much money.

Second-Hand Store Finds

Second hand stores, flea markets, and yard sales are great to find home décor items. Try to look beyond the colors and patterns you see and just focus on shape – because you can spray-paint just about anything to transform it. That gaudy mauve and blue vase can be painted a glossy black and that cheap-looking wooden frame can be painted gold and used to frame a mirror for a more modern look. Even furniture can be reupholstered less expensively than purchasing new furniture.

Bold, Bright Colors

Modern design is all about clean lines. So instead of getting too fancy, purchasing lots of expensive items, just focus on one or two larger decorative items per room. The key? Make sure you punctuate the starkness with some color. Bold, bright colors can automatically make a room feel pulled together, so it’s an easy way to decorate. If your landlord approves, you can even paint a single wall to accent with a color – this costs less than painting the entire room, but still looks beautiful.

Your Own Photography

Rather than paying for prints, be your own photographer. You’ll still have to pay to have your pictures printed, but it’s often much less expensive (and definitely more impressive) than paying for someone else’s artwork. Think about interesting angles and play with cool lighting effects by using blinds, laces, and mirrors for reflection. You can also use effects such as zooming in on interesting shapes – remember, it can be abstract art rather than a photograph of a landscape or portrait. Pick up some cheap frames to mount them and you have beautiful artwork for your walls for a fraction of the price of typical artwork.

Use Everyday Items

Instead of spending your money on decorative items that have no function, purchase useful items that are also beautiful. For example, spend a little extra money on pretty colorful mixing bowls and display them in your kitchen when not in use. You may have to spend a little extra money on everyday items, but you’ll save tons of money on home décor. This also prevents your home from getting too cluttered, since items play double roles, and that’s a very important part of modern design.

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