Sunday, November 13, 2011

Deck the Halls: Festive Features that Work the Year Round

Decking the hall with boughs of holly is great, but so much of the work we put into dressing our homes for Christmas has to be undone a couple of weeks later. It’s a good idea to take plenty of time to plan your d├ęcor this holiday to see what decorative touches you could use to extend that festive feeling.

Festive Windows
In winter the view from the windows is often dull and lifeless, broken only by unexpected snowfall. Why not give your home and windows a treat with roman blinds made to measure in a warm berry red. When it’s damp and dreary outside your home you can still savour the joys of Christmas with the latest made to measure blinds. The best thing about your new blinds is not having to remove them once the season is over.

You don’t have to see your home as dark and dreary once the Christmas decorations are gone when you’ve added some stylish touches that will take you beyond the festive season. On those rare days of winter sunshine your home will be lit with warmth and memories, and you can really look forward to the onset of spring.

Comfy Cushions
Update your soft furnishings using large, comfortable cushions with covers that echo the warm berry colour of your made to measure blinds. Red and gold or red and green stripes or patterns are great ways of prolonging that special festive atmosphere associated with Christmas. If, like many people, you have real wood or laminated floors in your living space then why not brighten them up with a brightly coloured rug or two.

Don’t be caught by that dull and dreary after Christmas feeling when you’ve taken down all the decorations. Why wait until spring to refresh some of the soft furnishings and accessories in your home when you can do it at Christmas time and enjoy their warming glow in the weeks and months ahead.

Colourful Kitchen Ware
Brighten your kitchen with bright roman blinds made to measure for the window over your sink. Many people will carry on using Christmas themed, colourful tea towels long after the season has gone as they’re a reminder of festive fun. Invest in some brightly coloured mugs for your mug tree, and when they’re filled with milky bedtime drinks, they’ll keep that Christmas spirit alive and well.

Why not treat yourself to one or more of the bright ceramic cooking pots and cake dishes in the shops? Vibrant oven to tableware will last for several years and keep the dull days of winter at bay whenever your family is gathered round the table

Light Up Winter Plants
Warm, red poinsettias will brighten corner tables and bare hallways when they are strung with a few, white, fairy lights. Fairy lights can add a warm and a festive feel all year round to shadowed corners and hall landings and they add extra warmth to potted plants. Just a few, simple changes will relieve you of the drab atmosphere that is often the result of taking down the Christmas decorations.

This article was written by Crispin Jones on behalf of Moonshadow Blinds, suppliers of roman blinds made to measure and other made to measure blinds.