Thursday, November 17, 2011

Graduation Gifts that are Unique

Most of us want to be that parent who gives the most unique, memorable gift on graduation day, but finding just the right gift can be really difficult. This is especially true if someone else has already purchased something amazing, or the funds are somewhat limited, or your graduating senior has everything they want at the moment. However, graduation gifts that are unique are out there, you just have to know where to look. 

Consider the following list of ideas:
  1. Flying lessons. It may sounds like a really expensive idea, but a few months of flying lessons are a lot less costly than you might think. It depends mostly on where you live and the size of the nearest airport, although sometimes small, independently-owned airports are a lot easier to work with when it comes to finding a training pilot. It could lead to a lifetime love of flying or just a summer to remember for your teenager. 
  2. Limousine ride. Flashy cars are a lot of fun to show off, but most parents have neither the will nor the means to provide them to teenage boys and girls even as graduation presents. Instead, fulfill a small part of the desire to be something for a day by giving the gift of a prom night limousine ride. This is a fairly inexpensive option too, and it provides some extra chaperoning for the ride to and from prom night as an extra bonus.
  3. Sporting event tickets. Although many Dads and Moms participate in sporting events at school, particularly if the grad in question plays, but you can make a really great unique graduation gift out of sporting event tickets. For instance, if your teen loves baseball you could choose a Major League Baseball team to visit. Some teams offer VIP passes or box seats at fairly reasonable rates, depending on the type of sport played and your budget.
  4. Concert tickets. Much like tickets to an awesome sporting event, concerts appeal to most teenagers and tickets make great graduation gifts. They are unique if they are tickets to something Mom/Dad may not approve of, such as a style of music different from what they like. Whether or not you intend to go to the concert yourself, it would mean a lot for them to get to go with your approval.
As you can see, there are some really fun ideas out there that you can choose from, and many more that are not listed here. Get ideas from talking to your teen, his/her friends, or by browsing the Internet. You would be surprised at what you could come up with that satisfies everyone involved, whether you go with limo service or something totally different!

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