Thursday, November 17, 2011

Five Cheap Hairstyles for Women

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In a world of ever-rising prices and total focus on beauty, hair maintenance has become quite expensive. Depending on the texture of one’s hair, a simple visit to the nearest stylist can cost $60. The bill gets higher the more creative the client desires to be. Fortunately, hair does not just respond to expensive treatment. There are a few penny-pinching styles a person can come up with to save on styling costs. Not only are these methods cheaper than seeing a professional, but they are also quite enjoyable.

1.   Braid and Wave
If you like the wavy look but you cannot afford a perm, there is a very easy way to obtain a head full of beautiful waves. Total styling time will only be about fifteen minutes. To achieve a wavy look, wet the hair with a spray bottle or wash it completely. Add in any conditioners or moisturizing elements you desire to add. These elements will give the hair a silkier look. Next, separate the hair into four quarters. Braid each quarter into medium sized braids. You may close the braids with beeswax, barrettes, or small rubber bands. Let your hair naturally dry overnight. At morning time, slowly unravel each braid until you see a full head of wavy hair. Style with fingernails as desired.

2.   The Buzz Cut
The woman’s buzz cut is one of the cheapest styles to try. It has become popular as well. For some, hair is just too expensive to maintain. With a buzz cut, a girl does not have to worry about combing or curling. This style is obviously not for everyone, but if you are a woman who loves short hair, it is definitely worth a try.

3.   Foam Rollers
If you prefer to have a curly accent to your hair, foam rollers are an excellent alternative to using expensive and damaging curling irons. Foam rollers cost $1-$2 at the local discount store. They are very easy to put into the hair. All you need to do is part your hair, wet it, and wrap each piece around a foam roller. The hair will form very tight curls and the look can last an entire week if you take care of it properly.

4.   The Afro
African American women can save lots of cash on relaxers and straightening chemicals. One hair straightening procedure costs about $60 and the client must repeat the procedure every six weeks when new hair grows in. Converting to an afro is very simple. Allow the new growth to grow in to your desired length. Cut the relaxed hair off and continue to allow the natural hair to grow. Maintenance on this style is very low. However, you must keep the hair moisturized on a daily basis. Olive oil is an excellent product for this hair texture. You can purchase olive oil based conditioners from beauty stores or use grocery store oils.

5.   Pig Tails
Pigtails are very cute for women of any age. It is one of the cheapest hairstyles, as it only requires two elastic bands. To achieve the pigtail look, part the hair evenly down the middle. Put each half of the hair into an elastic band. You can enhance the look by curling the ends of your hair with a little mousse or gel. Total cost for this style is approximately $2 for the elastic accessories.

There are many fun inexpensive hairstyles for women of all ages and races. If you experiment enough, you may even come up with something exciting and new.

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