Saturday, November 12, 2011

Choosing the Perfect Party Dress

Choosing the Perfect Party Dress
This year’s annual office party or evening invite to a wedding reception? Whatever your party destination you’ll be wanting to dress to impress. Finding that perfect outfit is going to be top on the agenda over the coming weeks. As with all elements of style, know your best assets and play to these strengths. If you’ve got great legs don’t hide them away if you’re blessed with a trim waist show it off whereas any bits that you’re not too happy with can be cleverly disguised.

Oscar Style Dresses
Everyday wardrobes are easily filled with casual clothes and work wear so it’s great to have an excuse to redress the balance with super smart outfits. With invites dropping on the doormat daily it must be the party season and time to top up the occasion-wear wardrobe. So what will it be a little black number, cocktail dress or full on vintage glamour?

Dressing to suit the occasion is essential for maximum impact. Black tie events and gala evenings are worthy of the most lavish oscar style gowns on the other hand a family gathering calls for a touch of understated elegance. Sophisticated dress and coat outfits will take you through day to evening events or perhaps your looking at winter wedding outfits. For more elaborate affairs then a generous helping of sparkle, shimmer and a touch of faux fur will give you that extra luxe appeal.

Fashion Versus Style
You don’t need to lose your head to fashion when choosing the perfect party dress. Instead nod to the moment with a hint of what’s hot combined with lasting style that will see you through many party seasons. A mix of trends include feminine classics of the 40’s and 50‘s, shift shapes from the swinging sixties and boho glamour of the seventies.

Add a modern twist to the retro vibe with chic textures of velvet, lace and sheer. For the all important finishing touches choose accessories wisely. Use them to divert the eye and enhance the part of the body on which they are worn.

Know Your Shape
There’s been a lot said over the years on choosing clothes to suit your shape rather than just your size. By Looking at examples of outfits for apple, pear, rectangle and hourglass figures you’ll soon come to realise there is actually some sense to it. Many of the suggestions may seem obvious but you could discover a few tricks along the way. By knowing your basic body shape you can work with it and make subtle changes in the way you put your wardrobe together.

Making Curves
You’ll know instantly the moment you slip into a dress that it was made for you. It will make you look and feel gorgeous giving you an air of confidence that you may never have had before. A lot of this is down to dressing right for your shape. Rectangles have a fairly straight figure so will need to create curves with nipped in waists, tulip dresses and outfits with plenty of shoulder detail. Floaty layers also help add shape too.

Apples and Pears
For pear shaped women it’s recommended to avoid boxy jackets and tops that are too short. Fuller hipped ladies can balance their top half with bright colours, patterns, large collars and wide open necklines. Apple shaped figures carry more weight around the middle and can have a fullness in the tummy area. The aim here is to give the illusion of a slightly longer body.

Fabrics need to be soft and fluid that don’t hug the figure. Stiff fabrics and gathered waistlines will only add bulk. It’s all about focussing on the top half of the body so detail should be above the bust. Combining colour and texture will break up and reshape the silhouette. With sizes varying from shop to shop it’s also wise to try on two sizes remembering the looser the fit the slimmer you’ll look.

Hourglass Figures
This is the most feminine body shape with curves in all the right places. Outfits should work to clearly define the curvaceous silhouette. Baggy styles, too much layering and shapeless skirts are best avoided. It’s important to elongate the body with dresses that pinch in at the middle. Wrap-over, bias cut and shift dresses are ideal for accentuating curves. The aim is to wear fitted styles that mould rather than cover the body up in loose fabric.

Figure Friendly Outfits
Learning how to shop effectively for clothes that fit and flatter your shape will be so rewarding. Finding the perfect partywear look also means all eyes will be on you. Trying different styles and colours will transform the way you look and make you feel like a new woman. Get to know her and enjoy the moment in the limelight there will be many more to come.

Debbie writes for Mother of the Bride Outfits on ladies fashion and accessories helping women find gorgeous clothing, special occasion and party wear thoughout the year.