Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ancient Rising by JC De La Torre

Ancient Rising is Book One in the Rise of the Ancients Saga and is an Fantasy Adventure Fiction.

On the day that Dan Ryan is visited by the Greek God, Hermes, he is sure he is losing his mind.  Recently widowed, Dan believes his grief may be hindering his sanity.  As Hermes explains to Dan how the ancient Gods are not dead, but are trapped on the mythical island of Atlantis, Dan is sure he has gone completely crazy.

Having not much left to live for, Dan agrees to head to Akrotiri in order to find a leading Atlantean archaeologist there who would be better able to help his quest.  Convincing Professor Theoden Constantopolus wasn't too hard, the Professor needs funding and Dan seems to have an unlimited source of it.

After Dan meets the Professor's granddaughter, Mina, he believes that the journey may be worth the while after all.  As their friendship grows, Dan becomes to realize that Mina may have some dangerous secrets and Dan fights his growing attraction to a women so soon after his wife's death.

As the group follow the trails lead by Hermes, they have to uncover the clues at each of the locations, Egypt, Spain and even Atlantis before time runs out.  And they are not the only group looking, another archaeology group wants the power and prestige that will come from finding the lost city and nothing will stand in their way to get it.

I thought this was a well presented book.  I loved the historical aspects of Atlantis that was shared with the reader and I enjoyed the final location of where Atlantis could be found.  I was VERY pleased to see that the author didn't place it in Crete and clearly understood Plato's account and planned its location accordingly.  Without ever disclosing a destination;  your imagination is left to locate Atlantis.

I had mixed feelings about Dan, sometimes I liked him and sometimes he was unappealing to read.  I did not like his romance with Mina, especially when you read how long has passed since his wife's death.  It was almost disrespectful in nature.  I'm not even sure why a romance was needed in this book, not all books require such and it just didn't work for me.

I was able to predict the outcome of the ending, if you read between the lines one can easily glean the situation that is about to occur.  I would have liked to have seen more of Hermes, instead of him popping up just when it was needed. 

I liked the suspense and the adventure the author wrote.  It kept you turning the pages to find out more and I found it to be an easy read.  I read it in a few hours and found it to be entertaining.

I would give this 3 and a half stars out of five.  I love the concept of the story and that the setting is Atlantis but I truly had problems with Dan and his "adventures" with Mina.  I also had issues with the wisdom and logic that the group incorporated, it seemed to come to quickly and I would've liked to have seen more depth in the explanations and advancements they completed.

If you love Fantasy Adventure then you will enjoy this read and look forward to continuing on with the saga.  I know I am looking forward to the next segment and see what the outcome of Dan's choices have left the world to live with.

The JC De La Torre classic is back and better than ever. In 2005, Ancient Rising introduced the world to Dan Ryan, the hunt for Atlantis and the Greek Gods. Called by reviewers as "breathless, moving at a breakneck speed" and "fast moving adventure that fits into the Clive Cussler/Dan Brown mode," the novel has become a cult phenomenon that endures. The author is re-releasing this novel as a companion to the 3D audiobook experience that features award winning radio theater personality Joe Bevilacqua and has been listened to around the world on Sirius/XM. This new version of Ancient Rising offers a tighter, better paced story and a new foreword by the author giving intimate background on the genesis of the Rise of the Ancients saga. A must for sci-fi readers and action/adventure enthusiasts.

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