Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kitchen DIY Tips on a Budget

Contrary to what most people think, renovating your kitchen doesn’t need a large budget to make it look great. Weather your budget is as low as $50 or just over $200, there are many ways you can renovate your kitchen to give it your own personal touch.

Remodel Your Kitchen for $50 or Less
 With just $50 or less, you can begin to remodel your kitchen in stages. For older kitchens that need a face-lift, painting is the least expensive and easiest way to transform a kitchen, and make it easier to maintain. Semi-gloss latex paint for example will not only brighten up a kitchen but will make cleaning up inevitable food splashes a breeze to clean. Painting the baseboard trim and around the doors and windows will help highlight the positive aspects of your kitchen.

Don’t under estimate prep work. Take your time prepping surfaces before you start painting, because kitchen surfaces do accumulate grime over time and with use. Thoroughly wash all surfaces and walls with trisodium phosphate (TSP) or a TSP substitute before you begin to paint. Clean surfaces will help the paint to adhere properly.

Organizing Ideas for $100 or Less
 The first thing that comes to mind when people want to remodel their kitchens, is how to organize and tidy up all the things in the kitchen. So, if you want a new kitchen and you are on a budget of $100 or less, then investing in kitchen organizers is where you want to focus your funds. Getting everything off the kitchen counters and un-cluttering the kitchen will make the area feel more spacious. To do this buy some drawer organizers, lid holders, pot racks and pull out trays. Your DIY on a Budget project to free up space should also take advantage of empty wall space. You could add some shelving. These are all very affordable ways to un-clutter your kitchen space and give it an airy feeling.

DIY on aA Budget: Shop Salvage
 Many homeowners have gotten very creative with their DIY on a Budget kitchen remodeling projects, by shopping for old commercial restaurant equipment. You can find commercial grade restaurant fixtures such as commercial ovens, refrigerators, shelving, sinks, tables and chairs for a fraction of their retail cost. While shopping at restaurant supply and salvage stores, you can sometimes fine inexpensive one-of-a-kind fixtures to be the centerpiece of your kitchen-remodeling project.

Light Up Your Kitchen for $200 or Less
 If you want your kitchen to look bigger, then try to light up areas that can’t be seen well such as corner areas. In this way, it will make your kitchen feel bigger if people can see more of it. There are an unlimited variety of light fixtures to choose from that can not only illuminate your kitchen, but also give it a refreshing new feel. Replacing CFL floods lights with halogen lights will also help to brighten your kitchen so that you can see and enjoy more of it.

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