Monday, July 2, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Cottonelle ~ Jonathan Adler Toilet Paper Roll Covers

 Toilet paper is one of our greatest inventions, created over 100 years ago, it has truly changed our hygiene and health practices.  How many of you have just tossed your toilet paper into a cabinet or shoved it into a closet?  The bath tissue that has been servicing your bum has been "downright disrespected", that is, until now~!!

Cottonelle has tapped the creative genius of world~renowned designer, Jonathan Adler, who is known for his "cheeky and energetic designs in home décor".  This new line of roll covers are a perfect way for you to organize and affordably add a touch of creative designer flair to your bathrooms.

Adler has been putting a fresh and modern spin on every day objects for a long time and has created the paper roll covers to give people a stylish, new way to store extra rolls of toilet paper.
Made of hard, durable plastic they can easily store a roll of Cottonelle toilet paper inside.  The top just pulls off easily when a new roll is needed and even children could open the top of the canister.  

The designs are colourful, vibrant and eye~catching and look great sitting on a shelf or back of the toilet.  Guests, who are unsure of the canisters are not aware that there is toilet paper inside and you do have to explain to them what they are looking for...yes, sometimes that happens.

They also make great boxes to hold bathroom accessories in, such as hair clips and pony tail holders, razors, makeup, tub toys etc., they truly have more than one use and my daughter wants one to store all her small accessories for her toys...and I think that is also a great idea~!!  Truly, the uses of the Jonathan Adler designed Cottonelle Toilet Paper Holders are quite useful and truly spark up the room they are sitting in.

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