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#FREE Kindle eBooks ~ July 21st~!!

I wonder what FREE goodies are in store for you today~??  Are you looking forward to slaying dragons or maybe you want to fall in love or perhaps your looking for an answer to a problem??  Whatever your desires, I am quite positive you will find something to peruse and enjoy~!!

The Big Book of Curry Recipes by Dyfed Lloyd Evans

Curries are one of the world's culinary success stories. They are now prepared, in various guises throughout the globe. Curries were originally developed in the Indus valley some 4000 or more years ago. Indian traders introduced them to Southeast Asia and East Africa whilst buddhist monks introduced them to south Asia and East Asia. The British introduced them to the remainder of the world. This book contains over 700 recipes for curries and curry-associated dishes with recipes for starters, main courses, accompaniments, breads, pickles, curry pastes and spice blends, and drinks from the Indian sub-Continent. Also included are curries from the remainder of Asia, from Africa and from the Caribbean. In addition there is a whole chapter on how to prepare restaurant-style curries for the home and on modern British curries as well as a chapter on historic curry recipes, beginning with the first curry recipe in English, from 1747. This book brings together the whole world of curries and curry recipes in one place.

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Little Miss Independent by Juliet Templeton

Adelaide Bruce was just a girl in braids when her brother's best friend, Naval Captain Lord Drayton, left for war. Now, five years later, Lord Drayton has returned to London with hideous battle scars that have made him a social pariah. Adelaide doesn't see Roan's wounds, but rather the man she has always secretly loved. Although she has been courted by a handsome lord with marriage on his mind, it is Roan she secretly desires. 

Roan is stunned when he is reacquainted with Addy Bruce. In the years that have passed, Addy has grown into a true beauty and the toast of the ton. He is not sure which surprises him more—her transformation, or the fact she is the only woman who treats him as though his scars do not exist. When Roan learns of Addy’s engagement to a rival, he must move fast…or lose her forever.

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Running State by Michael D. Graham

When in your life were you the most motivated, focused and successful?

Many people find that revisiting their past success in life can be encouraging and helpful as they face their current struggles in life. For Daniel Grant, it is his last option.

Daniel Grant is a seventeen year old senior in high school in the year of 1996. He hopes to be elected as the captain of the Cross Country running team because he has some extreme goals set for the team. The wild journey and success that Dan and his teammates go through during his senior year is told by Daniel Grant as a thirty-two year old, soaked in years of drunkenness and hoping that recalling the story of his successful senior year of running in High School can help him overcome drinking and become healthy again so he can provide for his wife and three children.

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Going Home Again by Joanne Reid

Going home again can be unsettling but when everyone thinks you are dead, it is downright scary. Liza Diamond was driven by old wounds and resentments that compelled her to take the chance. Maturity and money gave her a disguise that she hoped would protect her from discovery but she underestimated the nosiness of a small town.

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Bewitching Kisses by Rainy Kirkland

Betrayed by a greedy half-brother who coveted her inheritance, then accused by her superstitious Salem neighbors of practicing witchcraft, Sarah Townsend found herself kidnapped, sold into bondage, and thrown into the hold of a ship bound for Williamsburg Virginia. A Puritan who believes to show one's bare arm is a sin, now finds herself in Williamsburg where the residents strive to follow the latest fashions in London. 

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Under~Gods by Azure Boone

At twenty years old, Levi strikes a deal with God. In exchange for saving his mother's life, Levi commits to being celibate. Soon, supernatural events land him in Heaven in order to help a beautiful girl journey through Hell. They have two weeks to make it back to Earth to prevent an important and mysterious old man from dying. The demons of the dark realm are no match for the Under-Gods that lead them on their perilous quest until they discover Levi's secret: he has fallen in love. And that is one broken vow they will use to destroy them both.

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The Amazon's Curse by Gena Showalter

Zane, a fierce vampire warrior, has been enslaved by the Amazons. Nola, a lovely Amazon soldier, has been cursed with invisibility. Now, these two stubborn enemies must overcome the pasts that haunt them and embrace a love that can set them free...

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The Ivy League Institute:  Unearthed by Elizabeth Heaford

Oakley Rivers' drama filled days at the elusive boarding school, Westwood Prep, tick by like any other high-class sixteen year olds with ex- boyfriend trouble, underserved detentions, image crushing secrets, and the occasional feud for popularity. 

Until one awkward encounter with Talon, an inhumanly gorgeous guy, causes her life to come to a screeching halt when he tells her that she is a wood nymph and in danger from a world she never knew existed. 

Now Oakley must decide whether she will trust her overwhelming feelings for Talon as her life spirals out of control with lies, deception, secret identities and even a death she never saw coming.

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Saucers & Aliens Magazine:  Issue # 7 by Randy Haragan

In Issue #7:

Alien Shorts
Up in the Air by William B. Stoecker
The REAL KGB UFO FILES By Philip Mantel
UFOs and the Press by Tim Swartz
Tunguska 100 years later by UFO Guy
Project SIGNAL Found by Philip Mantel
Did Howard Hughes View a UFO and Aliens? by Bill Knell
Roswell & The Wave of ’47 Too Many Coincidences by Fransis Ridge
Flying Saucers Are Real - Excerpt by Donald Keyhoe
Alien Installations and Underground Bases by Christi Verismo
Jacki Gleason’s UFO Experience by Bill Knell

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Angel Stories:  Help from Above by Mark Randle

What are Angels?

By definition they are mythical beings, depicted as messengers of God in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles, along with the Quran. This book is a collection of stories about Angels and individual accounts of people who have had personal interactions with them. My hope is that through these stories you find comfort, and that you realize that no matter how bad things may seem, that you are never alone.

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Wannabe A Writer?  by Jane Wenham~Jones & Katie Fforde

Wannabe a Writer? This hilarious, informative guide to getting into print, is a must-have for anyone who's ever thought they've got a book in them.

Where do you start? 
How do you finish? 
And will anyone ever publish it when you have?

Drawing on her own experiences as a novelist and journalist, Writing Magazine's Agony Aunt Jane Wenham-Jones takes you through the minefield of the writing process, giving advice on everything from how to avoid Writer's Bottom to what to wear to your launch party.

Including hot tips from authors, agents and publishers at the sharp end of the industry, Wannabe a Writer? tells you everything you ever wanted to know about the book world - and a few things you didn't...

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And Wind Makes Fire Dance by Sameer Shahnewaz

Magic users have been hunted nearly to extinction, but two that have survived are now trapped. Trapped by the sprawling cities, the police forces hunting them, and a job from their crime lord boss that seems way too easy.

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The Night Shift by Jack Parker

A dark figure was walking through the night in a forest. He seemed as if he was going in a designated or planned direction. Behind him was a large sign that had a large map on it with the words ARBUR WINSLOW STATE FOREST MAP written at the top. 
"All right, where is it?" the figure asked. 
Out of nowhere, a sharp knife was plunged into the figure's neck. Then there was silence. The figure fell to the ground, dead without question. 
The knife was removed. A large gate that led to an abandoned part of the woods opened and another figure ran in quickly. The sign that read ARBUR WINSLOW STATE FOREST MAP was seen covered in graffiti and littered with small holes.
The dead figure continued to remain motionless on the dirt.

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Protector by T. L. Gardner

Love is, and always will be, the bane and blessing of our existence. Its power is unavoidable, immeasurable, and undeniable. It can make us or break us. It is the reason Angels envy us and Demon’s hate us. It fuels rage, calms despair, and destroys sorrow.
And for Elijah Garland, love will be the key. Heaven has known no peace since the creation of man. Angels despise us and seek our demise, for he loves us most. They rebel, seeking to return to a time when they were his most cherished. They ignore the evil that is ever present in our world, leaving us defenseless against Lucifer and his minion. Demon Hunter is the epic tale of Elijah Garland, a young man who has come to the decision that his life was never meant to be. Convinced that love and happiness will only be found in death, he ends his life. But when he awakens 3 days later, framed for murder, he finds out that his life has only just begun and that there was a reason for all of the tragic events in his life. He learns that there is a single being directly responsible for all of his misery- a misery designed to strengthen his soul for the ultimate goal of his true reason for being. Will Elijah be able to overcome his faithless existence and place his trust in a God he feels has abandoned him? Or will he succumb to the powerful temptations of evil? And what is this ultimate purpose he has been singled aside for? All this Elijah must learn and learn fast, for the FBI is hot on his trail and dark things are now hell bent on his demise. The key to Elijah Garland's future may well rest within the hands of the beautiful Ebonee Lane, the FBI Agent he finds himself falling for and whose single purpose is to bring him in. 

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The Serpentine Fire by Robert W. Walker


All that remains of its victims is charred human ash--as if she'd been torched from within. What looks like a freak accident to others, Detective Eric Bannon and medical examiner Angelica Hunter have seen before, and they have chased the monster that has spawned in India from where mankind had first encountered its deadly force. They are now truly the only two human beings who have had experience with the Kundalini snake god of ancient India. While they had once thrwarted its deadly rampage, on one continent, they have leaned of its having been reborn in the belly of a cult follower in the sequel, FLESH WARS..

The creature too has learned of its enemy, mankind by the time of FLESH WARS as it was killed or so everyone thought, but the evil returns with a vendetta born of its wicked DNA in book two. Whereas before it only took the prey it needed to survive in its mad quest to conquer a world, it is by book two bent on spreading an epidemic to wipe out all mankind.

The heroic efforts of a cop and a doctor may be mankind's only hope against this monster that has the ability to combust men like tender kindling to suck in the elemental gases of victims, leaving only a few knuckel and ankle bones.

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Flesh Wars by Robert W. Walker

Two Americans chase a disease-spreading monster throughout India, leaving death and mutilation in its wake.

But the ancient beast has even bigger appetites, and sets its sights on America, intent of controlling the leader of the free world.

Can Detective Eric Brannon and Dr. Angelica Hunter stop it before it enslaves the human race? Or while the world succumb to a revolting orgy of sex and violence?

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Crimson Rain by Tex Leiko

What would you do in a world where everything is legal and the laws in place don’t protect anyone but the rich? What would you do if you could be bought and sold on a whim? What would you do if your sister was kidnapped by a vicious cult of raiders? If the option to genetically splice your body to become stronger, faster, or more intelligent were available, would you use it? What makes a human a human? Where are the lines?

Several decades after a nuclear catastrophe rocked the globe only two bastions of civilization stand secure on the planet. Amongst the technology and the relative peace and serenity, though, lies a darkness that is kept anything but secret. The government allows the rich to victimize the poor and large corporations to kidnap people like guinea pigs for their experiments.

Two corporations seek to overthrow the governments and reach for global domination. Meanwhile, three unlikely heroes are seeking change, each one for their own purpose. Can they stop the change that is to come before it is too late or will they fail, dooming the earth to slavery at the hands of these evil corporations?

When the government finally intervenes, will it be for the benefit of all humanity, or just themselves? Whose side would you pick? Who will win?

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Las Vegas Soul by Brian DeVido

After years of struggling inside the ring, former heavyweight sparring partner Amos "Scrap Iron" Fletcher is finally seeing success outside of it. When Scrap leads Rodney "TNT" Timmons to the heavyweight championship of the world, it appears that all of Scrap's dreams are coming true: he's suddenly one of the world's hottest fight trainers, he's used his management savvy to line up a multi-million dollar title-fight rematch with former champ "T-Bone" Taylor, and his relationship with his law-student girlfriend appears to be headed in the right direction.

But with his newfound success, the only thing Scrap finds he can count on is change. Is TNT losing his edge as he trains for the rematch? Are the talented
new fighters Scrap has taken under his wing as loyal as TNT? And who is the mysterious blues musician that Scrap keeps running into who eerily resembles the late heavyweight champ Sonny Liston, a fighter Scrap looks to as his patron saint?

Las Vegas Soul, the new novel from acclaimed writer Brian DeVido, explores what happens to a man once his initial dreams have been realized, and the lengths he must go to in order to make his new ones a reality. 

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Angry Birds by Mobio

Angry Birds is a game where you control a sling to fire a bird to kill the evil pigs. Earn points from killing the pigs in less turns, and aim to complete all levels with three stars. This is a great guide for your journey through this perilous and addictive game. Find golden eggs to unlock secret bonus levels, and unlock the mighty eagle. This will guide you through your hours of fun!

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Back to Basics by Franz Sidney

How can we cope with the difficult economic situation we are facing? By re-discovering the traditional values of work, thrift and self-reliance. This is the formula that is suggested by Franz Sidney in her mildly humorous, down-to-earth, politically-incorrect book. Franz has written her book to help others who kept asking how they could improve their situation, whether they were poor, just coping, or well off. Here you will find detailed, step-by-step instructions to apply to any aspect of your life that you wish to change for good. Topics range from gardening for beginners to making your own toiletries, smart shopping techniques and methods for making your children earn their gifts. This book will give you enough information and motivation to get started right away, become more independent and enjoy the process. But this is just the beginning: you can join a community of like-minded people through Franz’s blog on; here you will be able to contribute with your own ideas and ask questions on any aspect of self-reliance.

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Second Chance by Virginia Jewel

At just twelve years old, Tallie McNeil was abandoned by her mother in the midst of the biggest scandal ever to rock the town of Burton. Tired of being harassed by the same kids who used to be her playmates, she faded into the background of Burton. Ten years later, she still lives in town and even works in the local bar owned by her dad. But she’s still just as invisible as she was in high school.
Nothing is working out the way Rob Clairon planned. Jobless, alone, and playing nurse to his dying father, Rob is not pleased to be back in Burton. Despite the depressing state of his life, he finds himself drawn to Tallie, the girl he thought he knew a long time ago. What he needs right now is to start over.
Sometimes life gives you a second chance to do what you should have done the first time. Tallie and Rob just might get that second chance, as long as life doesn’t get in their way.

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The Warrior's Game by Denise Domning

Trapped in the court of King John, Lady Amicia de la Beres has fought for years, alone and unprotected, against a king and a court that will use her any way they can. But when King John puts her precious home into the hands of one of his greedy foreign mercenaries, Ami finally joins ranks with the nobility. She will do everything and anything she can to protect what is hers from the upstart commoner, Michel de Martigny

All Michel wants is the gift John promised him: the wife and the estates that will make gentlemen of his sons. He expects nothing more from the woman who will be his wife except her scorn. But when he meets Amicia he discovers he is the one man she needs more than she can imagine, for only he can protect her from their king's game.

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The Three Circle Charm by Marv Roter

Teri always wore the gold amulet given to her by her father. It had come to them through centuries of secrecy and darkness. Its purpose was to protect the wearer.
Harrison J. Totman, a popular man on campus had a passion to know this silver-haired beauty. He pursued her relentlessly. “My name is Teresa Sabrina Spinetigne. I’m a genuine gypsy,” she finally told him.
He cleverly, wheedled a date to accompany her to a Halloween Party at her parents house. She insisted that he carry the three-circle charm or he would be in danger. Harrison was not one to believe in “Gypsy stories,” but he was anxious to indulge her.
At the party he was his usual brash self; they treated him like a laughable fool until he accidentally fouled a Black Mass. The coven turned on him in a fury. He ran with the very denizens of Hell in pursuit. In the confusion he dropped the charm. It seemed his death was eminent.
For some reason, Teri decided to save him. She found the charm and went after him. For the moment they were saved but then the two of them had to live together to be under the charm’s protection.
Trying to solve the mystery of the Charm, Harrison was later thrown back in time to the fourteenth century where he had to survive among Gypsy Musicians, a “rough and rowdy” bunch. Living out his days in a past century was not an acceptable end for Harrison. Would he ever find a way back?

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Brokentide:  Legend of Shadows by Grant Costello

Nathiel Maudin was the finest warrior the world had ever seen. His skill with the blade inspired the gods, and from each victory in the arena, a new tale was born. But at the height of Nathiel's glory the land of Nirenia received a terrifying vision of the future. It was an event heralding the death of the nation, and the arrival of a great evil. For the champion, being sent forth through time to avert it was a task worthy of legends. Centuries hence, however, Nathiel comes to learn that the world is not ready for his return… and neither is he.

Breaking free of her shackles from the depths of a jailhouse, Valaria Elaneen is convinced that freedom is a hollow thing. Her homeland is decimated, and everyone she has ever loved, gone. All that is left is to survive, and hope. But in the city of Brokentide, a stronghold ruled with an iron fist and a corrupt empress, the dangers in the shadows are fewer than those in the light. Valaria's world is then turned upside down when she inadvertently sets free a man that has the power to save her people. But should he fail, a tyrant will rise, and a civilization will be lost forever.

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In the Shadow of Evil by John R. McCormick

New York 1880's, The Gilded Age. A time where the poor lived in one room shanties, and the rich in marbled mansions. Told through the eyes of Conan Deaglan. It is the story of ex-new york detective now turned newspaperman. He and Gideon Knight, newspaper owner and Bohemian have a way of getting involved in the macabre.

While vacationing in Newport, RI the two come across the body of an exsanguinated teenage girl. What they find themselves with, though, is the beginning of their latest adventure. Allied with the Paladin's, a secret religious organization. They begin to hunt down Count Zmey, as he builds his coven in the new world.

From vampires to werewolves to dhampirs and twisted human beings, Deaglan and Knight, sleuth in battle their way through Gilded Age New York in order to stop Count Zmey.

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Stained Glass Monsters by Andrea K. Host

When a motionless woman dressed in white appears in the village of Falk, Kendall Stockton has no inkling that the strange apparition will soon leave her homeless, and tangled in the affairs of mages and monsters. For the white figure is the first sign of a spell which will shatter cities, and make the caster as powerful as the gods.

Saved by a stranger who claims her goal is to stop the woman, Kendall is torn between admiring the mage Rennyn Claire's strength, and doubting her methods. What is Rennyn willing to do to win? Do the best of intentions justify pragmatic sacrifice, or is Rennyn Claire no better than the monster she is trying to stop?

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Death in Hollywood by Will Phillips

There is no question that actors, those coddled, polished, and too often, hollow mannequins, have been well paid for their dedication, but there has never been a time in the history of film making when they had the most important of job benefits: security. Unlike teachers, Hollywood stars never attain tenure. They work only so long as their performances produce profit. Their fame continues only so long as a great number of moviegoers continue to believe in their radiant persona and thus attend the films they appear in; and it is clear that it is psychologically devastating to attain star status, even to a minor extent, and then lose it. Following are stories of 265 Hollywood celebrities that lost that status and couldn’t accept their failure; celebrities that were murdered because of their fame; celebrities that couldn’t resist the temptation of easily obtainable corporal pleasures such as uninhibited sexual frolicking, careless use of drugs and alcohol; and, of course, those who developed a megalomaniac tendency to allow fame to twist their minds to delusional fantasies of power and omnipotence.
Here also is the history of the city from 1880 until the present, the stories of the stars that served in World War Two, the early Black actors, and of the child actors of the ‘20s and ‘30s.

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Entertainers' Real Names by John Lehner

Entertainers Real Names is a colossal reference of over 12,000 stage, screen, music, radio and television entertainers' names representing over a century of artists. From the silent film era sensations to the modern epics, this mammoth index is the result of decades of research by Lehner and an essential bookend to any film or entertainment enthusiasts' library. 

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Pie~Rits:  A Pirate Adventure by Julia Dweck & Fian Arroyo

Set sail for a daring pirate adventure like no other. Can a cherry cupcake, a French bread and a flaky croissant battle a crew of assorted pie-rits? Children will delight in the humor, word play, and action of this rhyming pirate adventure that will keep readers laughing from beginning to end. Pirates have never been so deliciously nasty.

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Patalosh:  The Time Travelers by Z. Altug & Tracy Gensler

On the watery planet of Lumina lies the island of Patalosh, home to the Taloshians. This ancient civilization discovered the secrets of time travel, built the HMS Exploricus airship, and began to explore time-travel portals. They came upon Earth, and some even settled in various countries. Then they found out other civilizations in the universe were not so friendly… After waking up with a big bump on his head, ten-year-old Orion Spence has no idea how long he's been out or what happened to him or his missing parents. Alone in the ice field with the wrecked Exploricus, Orion must find answers, or he'll freeze to death. Orion learns how to maneuver the ship on Earth as he searches all seven continents for his parents. Throughout his journey, he meets friends who help him solve the seven riddles and face fierce warriors as they search for a secret time-travel portal. But now, there is another problem…

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