Sunday, July 15, 2012

#FREE Blogger Opportunity ~ Saint Germain Fab Make~Up Giveaway Event~!!

I cannot stress enough how much I love these sign~up events...I don't truly dig hosting giveaways myself so its a MUCH appreciated gesture that the hosts of these events incorporate~!!

This event is being hosted by Diva Fabulosa and Jenn's Blah Blah Blog~!!

It will run from August 1st to September 1st~!!

There will be a total of 20 cosmetic bags with some fabulous content~!!  $450 total worth~!!

The giveaway will be open to both Canada and Us residents.

What you get~!!

If you are interested in joining in on the event you will receive 1 FaceBook link FREE for blogging about the giveaway event opportunity~!!

Additional links can be purchased for $2.00.

You can find the sign~ups HERE~!!

And please let them know that Mad Moose Mama sent you along to join in on the fun~!!

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