Friday, July 13, 2012

#FREE #Blogger Opportunity ~ $1000 Extreme Paypal Cash Giveaway~!!

Pregnancy Forum
$1000 Extreme Paypal Cash Giveaway - Worldwide September 13 - October 1

This event is being hosted by Pregnancy Forum.

Who wouldn't love some extra cash??

This is a groovy blogger event as everybody love love loves to win money~!!

You will have to publish this giveaway announcement on your blog and put the $1000 Cash Giveaway button on your blog to claim your 2 FREE links or pay $2 without the announcement post and button.

You will also be responsible for publishing the giveaway HTML code on your blog once the giveaway commences and promote it at least 3 x's daily~!!

Sign up now~!!

And please let them know that I, the Mad Moose Mama, sent you along your way to play~!! Thanx loads and lots~!! Have fun~!!

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