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#DVD #Review ~ Decisions


Running Time:  87 minutes
Genre:  Action, Crime, Drama
Year:  2011
Rated:  R for violence, pervasive language, some drug use and sexual content
Production Company:  Zenon Kesik Productions, Zrk1 Pictures
Budget:  $1.5 million


When a group of friends decide to pull a bank heist to get out from underneath their money troubles they quickly discover that things can unravel in a hurry~!!

A compromised LAPD Dectective (Corey Haim) on the take with a crime syndicate figure (Anthony Vitale) want the money back and will got to any lengths to get it~!!

Things go wrong quickly as bullets start to fly and the group finds that one thing affects another and discover the voice of reason is not always what it appears to be.


Corey Haim ~ Det. Lou Andreas
Anthony Vitale ~ Frankie
Matt Medrano ~ Dave
Yeniffer Behrens ~ Serena
Mike Foy ~ AD
George Cantreras ~ DJ Johnny
Anthony Fitzgerald ~ Kiwi
Joseph Medrano ~ Chino
Desmond Phillips ~ Mike
Cisco Reyes ~ Halo Manchester
Senyo Amoaku ~ Smoke

My Thoughts:

The story sets off interesting enough, you are introduced who you assume are going to be the main characters and begin to build a rapport with them.  You watch the scene being set up and you begin to get the uncanny sensation that you have seen this same scene in dozens of films and truthfully, the whole premise was nothing but one huge cliché after another.

After the shooting, things begin to get confusing as the viewer isn't quite sure who are the victims and who are the "bad" guys as character building is left on the wayside in order to bring a mindless and drifting plot that doesn't really capture the viewers imagination nor their attention.

I thought Corey Haim was over~rated in his role of Det. Lou Andreas, his portrayal of a "on~the~take" detective was not only trite in his depiction, but grossly over~acted in almost every scene.  "Decisions" is being classified as Haim's "last movie" that he shall be appearing in and after the likes of his performance in this movie, I cannot say as I am going to miss him much.

I thought the musical score was improperly tuned to the film as at times the quality was lacking and the volume had to be turned up and down with there being no happy flow to the listening levels.  I thought the music was fitting for the movie and set the tone nicely however and was one of the few aspects of the movie that was enjoyable.

I thought the dialogue was lacking in some areas and almost seemed ad libbed in others.  Often times it was hard to follow as there was no clear and concise measure to the characters words.  Most of the time it was a lot of incessant shouting matches between testosterone humped up men who are looking for an "easy" way out of their life situations.

I would give Decisions a two out of five stars.  I just didn't find this movie appealing, though it did have some moments of brief clarity, for the most part, the director needs to hire themselves a better writer if they wish to continue working in the movie industry.  There were some nice cinemagraphics but not enough to keep the movie interesting.

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