Monday, July 23, 2012

Funny Anti-Drunk Driving Videos from Around the World

Some serious issues need a little humor to appeal to people and get the point across. In an advertisement, one can smile or chuckle without losing the message the ad intends to convey.

Drunk driving campaigns is no stranger to using playful and humorous commercials in telling people it’s seriously not okay to not be sober and drive. Anti-drunk driving advocates have used traditional and creative channels and strategies to address the problem. Whether through counseling, education, and/or media intervention, statistics show there’s an improvement on drunk driving in the United States.

Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s statistics, drunk driving fatalities decreased from 15,827 deaths in 1991 to 10,228 in 2010. Both numbers are even lower when the agency started tracking alcohol-impaired driving in 1982 that had 21,113 fatalities. (Sources: Century Council & NHTSA)

But enough with the serious stuff. Anti-drunk driving campaigns range from blood and gore to plain text. Here I will show you some don’t-drink-and-drive commercials and PSAs from around the world that humorously and wittingly tell us that getting behind the wheel while boozed out is the just the stupidest thing to do.

“The Assassination” – Denmark

This is a Danish drunk driving commercial that was banned perhaps for its violence and dirty language. But hey, it’s sure is hilarious. If you’ve got a boss like that, maybe I’d never even attempt to touch a glass. Take note, the Danish are pretty serious about their forsikring or auto insurance costs so the poor guy’s got to learn a thing or two.

“Now You See, Now You Don’t” – Brazil

No, the cyclist didn’t fall in a man-hole of beer. It is (infra)structurally unlikely. The ad is quite straightforward. We’re not sure if it was highly effective, but it can be given credit for its creativity.

“Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk” – USA

This one’s an oldie featuring the Star Wars Cantina produced for the Department of Transportation in 1979. Star Wars geeks love this.

“Legend” – New Zealand

“Want a chip?”
“You know I can’t eat your ghost chip.”

“Black Thai” – Thailand

First, they were so drunk to even identify where the door is. Then, they carry their car home. I don’t know if you could (or should even) carry your car home when utterly drunk, but you shouldn’t drive, for sure.

Roan Manguera writes about comprehensive auto insurance guides and all things Danish for international readers.

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