Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seventh Star Press OPEN HOUSE ~ Many #FREE eTitles to Choose From~!!

Seventh Star Press wishes to welcome you, my loverly readers, to stop by their OPEN HOUSE, today and tomorrow, July 19th...and grab yourselves a gift or two of FREE eBooks to peruse and enjoy~!!

I've read Cinema of Shadows, if you like a groovy ghost story, then you may wish to check it out...

RedHeart and Thrall are great book ifn you like to read about dragons...

Crown of Vengeance if you like dimensional worlds...

The authors at Seventh Star Press really know how to write...urban fantasy, YA fantasy, sword & sorcery, horror and sooo much more~!!

AND...if ANY of you review books, then, PLEASE, by all means...share your thoughts and views on these wonderful treasures...I know the authors will enjoy a few more great reviews to add to their already growing number of them~!!

The titles being featured are as follows:

The Brotherhood of Dwarves ~ D.A. Adams
Angelkiller ~ H. David Blalock
Redheart ~ Jackie Gamber
Overkill ~ Steven Shrewsbury
Cinema of Shadows ~ Michael West
Poseidon's Children ~ Michael West
The Exodus Gate ~ Stephen Zimmer
Crown of Vengeance ~ Stephen Zimmer

And you can grab these great titles at Seventh Star Press~!!

I wish I read eBooks cuz I sure would LOVE to read Michael West's and Steven Shrewsbury's new books...I loved their first creations~!!

Have fun...enjoy the Open House and let your imaginations SOAR~!!!

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