Monday, July 23, 2012

Christian Rehab ~ A Faith Based Choice to Freedom~!!

Today many people are looking to rid themselves of their personal "demons" and often, Christian Rehab centers offer a solution that not only heals the body, but also works on healing the mind and the spirit also.

Many people who are seeking, find themselves frustrated with life and turn to other venues in order to compensate for their lack of faith.  A point in one's life is reached where the addictions are more of a burden than the burdens themselves and many turn to rehabilitation centers in order to find the correct path in which to travel.

Regardless of one's faith, it is important to note that recovery works best when individuals work on their body, mind and spirit collectively.  Choosing a Christian Rehab program that works for each person is the next step in the correct direction.

There are basically three types of faith based recovery programs:

1.  100% Christian based programs that have little medical therapies such as clinical counselling or credentialed staff, they are essentially, centers run by recovering Christians.

2.  A "work~based" drug and/or alcohol programs are generally free to the individual provided you are willing to work 8 ~ 12 hours per day to offset any costs you may incur as well, daily prayer and scripture are normally used.

3.  Combines all different types of treatments, including both Christian and standard approaches.  Generally its regarded as the more successful approaches but is hindered by cost as usually on insurance coverage applies when seeking this type of assistance.

People are are completely in tune with their spiritual growth begin to recognize the value of that growth as they connect with others, leaving their addictions behind.  Returning to one's life can be just as addicting and with Christian Rehab centers, these tenets and morals are highlighted through scripture and inspirational attitudes.

When your spirituality is awakened, it is believes your body's craving of substance abuse subsides, replacing negative with the positive, and bringing a joy for life through God's grace and forgiveness.  Many people have walked the darker path, my own sister included, and has come out shining on the other side.  Though it can be a long, hard road to travel, being focused on the positive will in turn, bring positive to each individual the more the effort is issued.  Never give up and never surrender to those addictions that make you less of a worth than you truly are~!!

If you require help for your addictions, the first step is always to admitting to having a problem, there are many programs in each community, intended to set you on the correct path to truth.  Continue walking the path brothers and sisters and you will find where you are needing to go.

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