Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: Mark Poolos ~ Unbridled Enthusiasm Comedy Album

Mark Poolos ~ Unbridled Enthusiasm

Mark Poolos was born and raised in Edina, MI.  To start his career he co~starred in two independent films, "Attack of the Killer Snow Cone Zombies" and "Joanie Loves Furbies".  

After his final performances in those two films there wasn't a person who didn't know his name.  He did more films, some commercials and some theater but it wasn't enough.

Mark needed instant connection.  So, he began his stand~up comedy career.

In Marks comedy routine he melds observational humour, one~liners, family humour and homorous original songs with guitar accompaniment together, to create his own unique style of comedy.

He has been compared to the likes of Adam Sandler and Louie Anderson.

Mark is a true road dog, performing in over 40 states including Nevada, California and New York.  

Mark hopes to do a film in the future people have actually seen.

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