Thursday, July 12, 2012

Online Marketing ~ Making the Web Work For You~!!

Online marketing is generally referred to the marketing of products and/or services via the internet.  It brings together the technical and the creative perspectives, including design, sales, advertising and development while delivering media along many different stages of customer interactions.

There are many various types of internet marketing:

1.  Affiliate Marketing:  This system rewards one or more associates for each customer/visitor brought forth by one's own marketing capabilities.
2.  Social Media Marketing:  Gaining traffic and/or attention via websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, just to name a few.
3.  Search Engine Marketing:  This system seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in the search engine result pages via the use of paid placements or inclusions and contextual advertising.
4.  Email Marketing:  This technique involves marketing a message to a large group of people using electronic mail services.
5.  Inbound Marketing:  Sharing information in order to convert prospective customers into repeat buyers using creative and informative measures.
6.  Video Marketing:  Creating commercials or infommercials in order to engage the viewer into buying or considering the information being presented.
7.  Referral Marketing:  Usually word~of~mouth advertising but enticing potential customers through referrals.
8.  Search Engine Optimization:  Using "natural" or "un~paid" search results to track and improve the visibility of a web page in search engines.
9.  Display Advertising:  Third~party website/bogs help drive traffic to a company via the use of web banners and/or banner ads.

As internet marketing is relatively cheap, it is easy for companies to reach wider audiences for just a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising campaigns.  As well, via online marketing, business see a quicker turn~around in consumer sales as they are directed to the product/service in real time.  

Internet marketers are able to track statistics and analytics easily and inexpensively given companies a better advantage of knowing what works and where areas are needed to be worked on.  Marketing campaigns can be measured, traced, and tested through the use of ad servers using pay per impressions, pay per click and pay per play/action type features.  This makes your messages and offers more appealing to the audience you are targeting.

Internet marketing can be a daunting task.  The PR numbers alone can be staggering to achieve without time, dedication and a whole lot of tenacity.  You need to ask yourself what it is you are trying to sell and how you want to make that possible.

Using a online marketing firm could be a viable solution to the task of promoting yourself and your wares and a basic marketing package can be affordable if you are serious about making your name and/or your brand known.  

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