Friday, July 13, 2012

How To Get Rid of Baggy Eyes

Baggy eyes are among the things people wished they never had. In the same way with pimples, black heads, etc., it causes our face to become unsightly. However, it is difficult to avoid having these since a lot of factors that causes baggy eyes are present in different lifestyles.

Genetics, age, stress, lack of sleep, consuming salty foods, gravity, and even bending the head down for too long, can all play a role in having baggy eyes. Some severe cases may require surgery for its complete removal. However, there are more practical remedies that can reduce these horrid circles underneath the eyes. It may take some time and patience in doing these procedures on a regular basis but it will certainly be much better than going under the knife and shedding out a huge amount of money for the surgery.

Here are helpful suggestions on getting rid of baggy eyes:
  • Cold comfort – Coldness can relax the circles around the eyes which can subsequently, reduce the puffiness and the circles. Slices of cucumber, potatoes, cold teabags, and even spoons can relieve swelling of the eyes.
  • Stay away from salt – Baggy eyes are also result of consuming too much salt. Excess salt will make our body retain more fluid which can also happen under the eyes.
  • Stay away from alcohol – In the same reason with staying away from salt, alcohol also induces water retention.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – Now this should cause you some confusion. You were just told to stay away from salt and alcohol to prevent fluid retention and in this tip, you are advised to drink plenty of fluids. This is to wash out the excess salt and alcohol in the body. Too much of these substances will make your body retain fluid so the best way to prevent fluid retention is to have water in excess of salt in the body.
  • Brush egg whites under the eyes – Egg whites, if applied on skin, have the ability to make it tighter and less saggy – these are important traits of the skin under the eyes to prevent it from getting puffy.
  • Use a special moisturizer or cooling gel for the skin under the eyes – Regular facial moisturizers should not be used for the skin under the eyes since this is more sensitive than the rest of the face. Use a special moisturizer or cooling gel which has a more soothing effect that relaxes the eyes, thus, reducing puffiness.
  • Get plenty of sleep – We all know how drastic lack of sleep is for our eyes. Just by having insufficient hours of sleep in one night, the circles around our eyes can already get puffy and dark the following day. To avoid making this happen, it is important to have enough sleep always. It will be good for one’s overall health too.
Final Words

By doing these steps, puffiness around the eyes should start to become unnoticeable. However, if the circles around the eyes persist or if they are already severe, it might be ideal to consult a physician in case these are already symptoms of some disease such thyroid or kidney problems.

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