Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Centerpiece Ideas for Your Kid's Birthday Party

Planning a kid’s birthday party is an easy job for any parent out there. It’s quite easy to think about what to cook for the party, how to make the invitations, and what activities to offer to the kids in the party. Planning the centerpiece for the birthday tables, however, is the most important since it sets the theme for the birthday party itself. If you’re planning to make a centerpiece for your tyke’s birthday party, then I suggest picking something that he/she either likes, or something that he’ll/she’ll be proud to show off to his/her little buddies. Here are some ideas to help you get started with your project.

Your Kid’s Favorite Characters – Your kid’s favorite characters can be a centerpiece that he’ll enjoy. There are a lot of 3-D pop-out centerpieces of different cartoon or videogame characters out there that you can either buy or print out yourself. You can also buy dolls or figures of that character to be displayed as a bunch in the middle of the table. Afterwards, the rest of the table ornaments should go along with this centerpiece.

Your Kid’s favorite toys – You can also use your kid’s favorite toy as a centerpiece. For example, if your kid is into teddy bears, you can assemble a bundle of teddy bears, and then set them in the middle of the table together with other tiny details that can help set the theme for your table. You can even make a whole scene out of these toys as a centerpiece (provided that your table is big enough to accommodate that many toys).

Candies – Using candies and other sweets is also a great idea for a centerpiece, but you’ll have a hard time making a theme with it. You can use the color of the candies to set a color scheme for the table, however, so it’s not all that bad. The best part of it is that a lot of kids love candies, making this centerpiece idea a sure hit in birthday parties. Be careful not to use glass trays for your sweets, though – remember that this is a party for kids who might end up hurting themselves if they end up breaking the glass candy tray!

Cakes – You can also use cakes and cupcakes as your table’s centerpiece, provided that you have a good tray for it. There are a lot of cake and cupcake plates for sale out there that you can add decorations and tiny trinkets to thanks to the slots and hooks that have been incorporated around the plates (usually seen in those high cake/cupcake plates). There are also bakeshops out there that design cakes based on popular themes (such as cartoon characters).

I hope these tips gave you an idea about how to quickly come up with easy centerpieces for your child’s birthday party. If you have other ideas about making easy centerpieces for birthdays, feel free to share!

Therese is a freelance writer who has collabortated with experienced party experts such as  JAFGifts.com and others. Her recent work includes discussing how to make your own favors centerpieces.

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