Friday, July 13, 2012

#Hasbro & Shout! Factory Have Sealed a New Deal~!!

Hasbro and L.A~based Shout! Factory have just signed a new multi~year home entertainment distribution deal based on the animated series Kaijudo:  Rise of the Duel Masters and Transformers Rescue Bots in both Canada and the Us.

Kaijduo:  Rise of the Duel Masters is an action~adventure animated fantasy series that follows the character, Raiden "Ray" Pierce~Okamato, a 14 year~old creature tamer, "whisperer" and duelist.  Ray, along with his friend Allie and Gabe, battle evil forces coming through the "Veil" into our world to wreck chaos and havoc.

Transformers Battle Bots is set in Griffen Rock, Maine where a group of Autobots named Heatwave, Chase and Blades answer to Optimus Prime's message to activate any Autbots to head to Earth.  Partnered with the Burns family after coming out of stasis, the group realize they are only a Rescuebot team and together they learn heroism and teamwork as they avert disasters.

The agreement between the two companies with give Shout! Factory exclusive DVD rights for both series.

Hasbro Studio's Kaijudo:  Rise of the Duel Masters premieres on The Hub sometime this summer and will follow the voice talents of Scott Wolf (Party of Five), Freddy Rodriguez (Ugly Betty), John DiMaggio (Futurama and Pound Puppies) and Phil LaMarr (Mad TV).  

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