Thursday, July 12, 2012

E~Mail Marketing: Mad Mimi Newsletter Templates~!!

Email marketing uses a mass~market appeal in delivering messages to a group of people using electronic mail.  Every single email sent to a potential or existing customer could be considered email marketing whether you are sending general ideas, ads, business requests or to solicit sales/donations.  Emails are used to build a customer relations that are based on loyalty and trust.  

Online resources such as Mad Mimi Newsletter Templates are used to serve the busy individual who has the data they wish to share but doesn't have the time to set up a proper email.  They allow users to not only create their newsletter on site, but also able to send and track HTML email newsletters/campaigns.  They offer simple and affordable solutions to your everyday mass~marketing needs.

In the blogging world, emails and its marketing value go hand~in~hand as blogging moms & dads pour their hearts into their worlds and share via emails their daily newsletters sharing with their public their thoughts, reviews and news.  Email marketing gives the viewer the opportunity to stay abreast of their favourite blogs current updates while maintaining a loyalty amongst readers worldwide.

Email marketing can be extremely important for companies for several reasons:

1.  Companies want an "exact return on investment" which can be tracked and has proven to be successful and is second only to search engines as most effective online marketing tactic.
2.  Email subscribers can opt to receive advertisers newsletters based on subjects that interest them.
3.  Over half of internet users check or send email on a daily basis.
4.  Digital marketers find email a popular and effective way to get their message out to the masses.

Marketing via email removes the financial stress of postal deliveries as well as gives you real time data in order to better manage your marketing campaigns.  If you are computer savvy and whipping up an email newsletter isn't a worry then kudos to you, however, if your like the rest of us and need a place to go that can easily manage and track all the data for you, then I suggest you shop around to find a online Email Marketing site to better serve you and your business marketing needs.

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