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BOOK REVIEW: Prophecy of the Flame by Lynn Hardy

Prophecy of the Flame:  Book One by Lynn Hardy

  • Paperback: 399 pages
  • Publisher: Brigham Distributing; 2nd edition (March 1, 2008)
  • Language: English


In a blinding flash of light, five nondescript strangers are yanked from this world and thrust into a land of sorcery as they are granted the looks and abilities of the people they were playing. This band of wannabe heroes soon discovers that having the powers they have always dreamed of, does not make life a dream come true. The Crusaders of the Light struggle to form a cohesive band as they blend twentieth century technology with the supernatural powers of this new world, fighting to liberate the kingdom of Cuthburan from the evil horde threatening humanity.

Battle is also waged within Reba, an ordinary housewife who has become the most powerful mage on the planet, as she struggles to remain true to her wedding vows. Drawn against her will to the arms of Prince Alexandros, Reba must choose between a marriage to a handsome prince in a magical world or returning to the husband she left behind.

My Thoughts:

I thought the premise behind the story was a groovy one; being an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, it would be every gamer's dream to be transported to another world where their characters come to life.  I was intrigued with the story as it commenced but became somewhat disappointed as the story unfolded.

I enjoyed the character building and found each of the main characters to be represented by their own personalities.  I thought that each character wasn't believable in their new found powers however, there should have been more errors in their deductions and more fear and worry about their new surroundings, their adaption to the new world should have had more upsets than not.  

I also felt we could've seen more from the opponents in the story, there wasn't enough intrigue in the reason's as to why the group was summoned, everyone is just accepting and everything appears to work out for the group every time they abuse their powers.

I found Rebecca aka Archmage Reba to be kind of annoying in her acceptance of her magical powers and her rhymes didn't make any sense for the most part nor do I know how any of the magic worked in her favour.  Magic isn't an easy ability to wield and she came into her powers far to easily and uses it for the silliest of reasons not even worrying about the consequences of her actions.  I am hoping the retribution of the magics she is throwing around comes back to haunt her in the next book of this series.

I would give Prophecy of the Flame a three and half out of five stars.  For a first time author, Lynn Hardy has the ability to draw you in, even though I found many aspects unfavourable, the book is a great read and I am quite sure many of you will find it enjoyable.  I would continue to read the series as I can only see this getting better whence all the demons are brought into play~!!

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