Wednesday, July 25, 2012

#FREE Blogger Opportunity ~ Juno Lucina Giveaway

I've found another groovy host giveaway in which bloggers can participate in...

Baby Dickey is hosting a giveaway for a Juno Lucina Signature Pendant. It’s 14k white gold with 2 diamonds, valued at $499. Juno Lucina is the Roman goddess of childbirth and this pendant symbolizes her hands cradling and protecting the heads of mother and child. It’s the ultimate “push present!”

*To be included in this group promotion, you’ll be REQUIRED to blog about the giveaway and include the Rafflecopter form on your post. All text/html will be emailed to you before the giveaway begins. (Dates TBA).
*You can have ONE link included in the Rafflecopter form for free – your choice of twitter or facebook.
*A SECOND link can be added for $2~!!

*There is a BLOGGER REFERRAL PRIZE! It will be measured two ways: by how many bloggers you send to sign up here AND by how many people you refer to actually enter the giveaway once it’s live. THEWINNER? Gets their own $299 diamond pendant!

So kindly let the folks know that MAD MOOSE MAMA sent you along your merry little way...have fun and good luck~!!

Head on over to Baby Dickey and sign~up today~!!

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