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The History Behind Gucci

The History Behind Gucci:
Gucci is an Italian fashion owned by French Company PPR. The Gucci brand was established in 1921 by Guccio Gucci.

Since it's inception Gucci has been one of the worlds’s most accomplished producers of clothing, luxury leather goods and other high fashion items. In 1920 young Guccio Gucci, inspired with the opulent suitcases, set up a shop that sold superior leather goods. Primarily Gucci hired skilled workers who paid special attention to finishing. As the time passed, machine stitching method was implemented which increased the output.

With the help of his three sons, Gucci increased the company by opening a shop in Milan and Rome. His stores characterized finely worked leather handbags, shoes, knitwear and ornamented loafer in a signature pattern.

Guccio Gucci departed in the year 1953. The company was further expanded by his sons Aldo and Rudolfo Gucci. In the same year their father died, they established workplaces in the New York City. That is where Gucci began to gain international influence. The Gucci brand became an icon as famous celebrities wore the products for advertisement in magazines.

The uniqueness in the designs made Gucci one of the top sold consumer products in the early 20th century. During 1947 to 1974 Gucci made remarkable patterns and designs. It improved its raw materials and expanded its categories.

The 1970s were the peak times for Gucci Company. In 1983 Adolfo Gucci died and the family was surrounded by difference of opinions. His son Maurizio dethroned his uncle Aldo who served for being convicted of tax evasion and took charge of the company. He demonstrated to be an ineffective president of the company. The company was sold to Investcorp in 1988. The new shareholders gave charge to the family attorney. Domenico De Sole was made the new head of the company in 1995.

To restore the status of the company Dawn Mello was hired as the editor and designer of ready-to-wear creations. Considering the name of the company he hired Tom Ford as the chief designer of ready-made category in 1990. Mello and Ford changed the Gucci headquarters back to Florence where Gucci’s craft custom had originated.

Mello and Ford lifted the Gucci brand to even higher standings than it was before. From 2000 to 2005 they condensed the total number of the Gucci products. They reduced the overall number of Gucci products from twenty thousand to five thousand. Their last spring assortment was a significant commercial accomplishment.

In 2005 the identity of heir to Ford’s position was announced. A group of young skilled designers were to replace him. Ford still provides with matchless designs for Gucci brand.

Today Gucci is a label that is familiar in every part of the world. Their designs are sold everywhere. Many upcoming designers get their inspiration from this brand.

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