Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Five New Sports to Try in 2012

With the Olympics returning to the UK this summer the country will be going sports mad. It may be too late for you to make it into the squad for this year’s Games, but you can always take inspiration from Britain’s Olympians and try out some new sporting pursuits. Trying a new sport is a great way to stay fit and doing something you haven’t done before keeps you motivated as well. Here are five new sports for you to try to follow in the spirit of the 2012 Games:

One of the less gruelling but most skillful sports that will be on show at this summer’s Games, it’s the sort of activity you can start off no matter what your fitness level or physical attributes. An ancient pursuit dating back 10,000 years, it has been an Olympic sport since 1900 and calls for a steady hand, perfect precision and nerves of steel. There are plenty of sites across the country to get a taster and challenge your friends to the highest score.

Watersport experience days are a great chance to get wet and wild, trying out a new sport and having plenty of laughs at the same time. Windsurfing is one of the toughest to master but most fun to try. You don’t even need to live near the sea, with manmade and natural lakes at landlocked destinations across the British Isles offering the chance to enjoy a taste of this sport which combines elements of sailing and surfing for thrills and spills on the water.

If you’ve dreamed of being a swashbuckling hero but never knew where to start, then trying out Olympic-style fencing will give you a good taste of life as a swordsman. Safe and fun, you can learn about all the elements of the sport and get an essential guide to help you make sense of it at this year’s Games, but the best part is when you don the outfit and mask and try it out for yourself.

It seems there’s barely a family garden in the UK these days that doesn’t have a trampoline, but trying it out on Olympic-sized adult trampolines is a different game altogether. Athletes will put on dazzling displays of gymnastic trampolining in London in August, a discipline which has only been an Olympic sport since 2000. But it’s not hard to see why it is growing in popularity, awe-inspiring to watch and great fun to try out – it’s probably as close a feeling as you’ll get to flying as you spring metres into the air.

There’s a fine line between walking being a sport and walking being, well...just walking. But it’s a sport that you really need nothing to try out and is still a great way to stay fit and see the world. You may not want to adopt the unusual waddle that Olympic race walkers employ as you’re sure to get some funny looks when you head down to the shops, but setting yourself challenging walks around the park or through picturesque beauty spots is a wonderfully refreshing and accessible activity.

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