Monday, July 2, 2012

HASBRO ~ Spider~Man Spider Strike Battle Racer

ARV ~ $24.99
The Amazing Spider~Man Spider Strike Battle Racer

Buckle up, because your Spider~Man adventures will never be the same once you've got the Spider Strike Battle Racer.  Your Spider~Man figure rides in the seat and when he needs more than webs to chase down evil and stop it.  When his enemies least expect it, push down the vehicle's spoiler and launch the retractable web claw.  

Use your Spidey sense to stop criminals in their tracks with a sneak attack from the Spider Strike Battle Racer.  Shoot Spidey out to capture crooks and he swings into action.  

Includes a poseable 4" Spider~Man action figure
Swinging web claw
Push spoiler to unleash claw
Wheeled vehicle (3"x5"x9")
Ages 4+

My son just loves the Spider Strike Battle Racer and didn't have any troubles putting the car together.  He did need some initial help in attaching Spider~Man to the bar so that he could do his acrobatic flips and turns, but after he saw me do it a couple of times, he quickly picked up the concept and played with the vehicle for hours.

He has a few cars that he plays with and this one has quickly been added to his line of bigger cars.  He loves how Spider~Man flips out of the car when he activates the lever on the spoiler at the back.  

I love the durability of the car and how the action figure can be removed and you can use it in other imaginative plays.  The colours are vibrant and the small pieces are few.  You will have to attach the spoiler to the car after some uses and sometimes Spidey doesn't always flip off but other than that, there are no true issues with the Battle Racer.

I love how the Hasbro line of toys are all easily affordable, being a frugal mom of six children, you can understand the need to find toys that are within my price range and stand up to the rigors of my children's imaginations.  I would recommend this to anyone of you who have a Spider~Man lover on their list, they will be using their imaginations and battling bad guys before you can get it out of the box.

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