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#FREE #Kindle eBooks ~ July 9th~!!

Goodly day greetings beautiful people...look at all the FREE reading goodies I have found for you this many genres to choose from...and I'm even finding some zombie personal fiction favourite...hehe  Have fun, read lots & let that imagination soar~!!!

Line of Control:  A Thriller on the Coming War in Asia by Mainak Dhar

It is 2012, and the world is a more dangerous place than ever before. Revolutions have swept aside one Middle Eastern regime after another. A regime allied to Al Qaeda has swept to power in Saudi Arabia, and uses its oil wealth and modern arsenal to further spread Jihad around the world. Yet another military coup brings a fundamentalist regime to power in Pakistan, which initiates an audacious plan to strike the first blow in this new global Jihad. As unprecedented terror attacks stun India, the stage is set for a conflict that brings the Indian subcontinent to the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.

With a broad cast of characters that puts the reader into the thick of the unfolding crisis, a fast-paced storyline ripped from today's headlines, and explosive action, Line of Control is a thriller uniquely suited to the times we live in.

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As World War I intensifies in Europe, a mysterious stranger washes ashore on a remote Caribbean island. Abigail Maduro, an orphan with little hope for the future, stumbles upon Erich Seibold who asks her for help. Defying convention and despite the danger involved, Abigail shelters the handsome, erudite foreigner, and an unusual friendship blossoms between the two unlikely allies. In time, Abigail discovers the truth, that Erich is really a deserter from a German U-boat. Although Erich insists that he deserted to avoid sinking any more passenger vessels, Abigail is wary about his true intentions in St. Thomas, a strategically-located island in the Danish West Indies that is the center of an unprecedented $25 million transfer to the United States. An unexpected twist of fate brings Erich's identity to the attention of the island's German Consul, Lothar Langsdorff, who blackmails Erich into serving the Fatherland. Langsdorff forces Erich to join his clandestine ship surveillance and supply organization by threatening to expose his desertion to his superiors in Berlin. Finally, in a desperate attempt to thwart the upcoming transfer of the islands and pave the way for a German invasion, Langsdorff orders Erich to shoot the governor to make it look like an uprising. Overnight, Erich becomes a wanted German spy. When he is apprehended and thrown into Fort Christian, Abigail must act quickly to save his life or risk losing him forever. But, as long as Langsdorff and his men are still on the loose, Abigail and Erich can never truly be free. A lively cast of characters, including colorful West Indian characters, German spy characters, Old World Danish characters, a witty Irish sailor and a headstrong and resourceful heroine will keep you at the edge of your seat. Transfer Day is a celebration of friendship, loyalty, second chances, and the power of the individual to change the world.

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The Wizard of Crescent Keep by Lady Saera

This fantasy tale is how a young imaginative boy age 11 named Christopher English is ripped from his own world where he lives with his beloved grandparents. Finding an old woven chest while visiting a country thrift store one day with his grandfather, his imagination is peaked enough to buy the chest. Discovery of strange contents within, he unwittingly is sent through a magical travel portal to a dark magical world.

His adventures begin a long exciting journey towards being the most powerful man in Tallowood. He becomes an apprentice to and finally is adopted by a most powerful Sorcerer called Maxellian Mc Thermoth who names him Crescent after the night moon he is found under. 

As Crescent grows up into a man his adopted father Max dies at 611 years. Crescent then has to find the courage, power, humility to accept his daunting and dangerous tasks , encountering a mad murdering evil Sorcerer he must conquer, finds love and betrayals in this world full of mysterious dark creatures, strange people of magicka both good and evil and a final legendary shocking secret lying behind an invisible barrier..

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Glastonbury by Donna Fletcher Crow

THE HOLY GRAIL LIES SOMEWHERE IN GLASTONBURY!When Joseph of Arimathea and his little band of pilgrims sought asylum from Roman persecution they fled to Glastonbury — and carried with them the most sacred relic in all of Christendom. This tiny, sheltered corner of Britannia — this holy “Isle of Avalon” — was also a place of refuge when King Arthur and his knights fought off the invading barbarian hoard. It became the King’s final resting place. Centuries later, the discovery of Arthur’s bones in Glastonbury sparked a great flowering of the faith and yet more magnificent building — after a devastating fire nearly obliterated the work and worship of centuries. And then, after the last abbot of Glastonbury was dragged to his death atop Glastonbury Tor, the Abbey’s splendid arches were left to crumble. And yet they still stand today — as beacons of hope for the future. Two millennia of history and legend intertwine around Glastonbury’s broken arches. And though it all — through ages ancient and modern — the faithful have sought to answer the same question that Arthur asked. Where is the Holy Grail?

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Inside the Outside by Martin Lastrapes

Timber Marlow is a teenage cannibal who has lived her entire life within a cult called the Divinity of Feminine Reproach and by the time she is fifteen years old she has already killed three men. When Timber takes an opportunity to explore the Outside, she bears witness to some dark and unsettling truths about the world around her and the integral role she plays in it. In this debut novel, laced with scenes of horrific violence and uplifting humanity, Martin Lastrapes has written a one-of-a-kind story about love, friendship, sacrifice, and cannibalism.

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2012 the Mayan Prophecy (The Ancient Secrets of the Annuanaki) by Dave Carroll

I have been intrigued by the many ideas and suggestions that the world will drastically change or even end on 21st December 2012. After much research the topic has become ever more interesting, almost exciting. This short action packed story has been crafted with realism in mind. All details are factual and possible and based on the many popular conspiracy theories that are currently in the limelight. Follow Adam Walker as he attempts to survive through the horrific events of the world changing prophecy of the ancient Mayans. Government kidnappings, underground secret bunkers and ancient civilisations all become interwoven in this fast paced suggestive short and straight to the action story!

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Subtle Magic by Beth Kery
Book 1 in the Subtle Lovers series.

Duse Ammadon has been without Skylar for over four hundred years and he'll not wait another minute. His life mate is the first to be reincarnated since the depraved Watcher, Asmoday, killed his brother's mate, forcing her into a sexual response, which robbed her of her magic essences. Now a whole world of criminal possibilities has opened to the once innocent race of Watchers. Because Duse knows Skylar could be the next target for Asmoday's depravity, he doesn't have the luxury of re-introducing Skylar to Watcher ways or for a slow, patient seduction. To set the protection spell, he has to make love to her immediately. If only she could remember him from one lifetime to another.

Skylar Halifax always knew she was different. She could see auras and manipulate subtle matter to promote healing. She sensed there was something unique about Duse, something beyond his god-in-man form and phenomenal good looks. Duse can't waste any time convincing Skylar that he is different. So different, in fact, that he's not even human.

Will Skylar accept Duse as her life mate or will Duse have to use other means to convince her that he is her destiny?

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After you get married more times than not, the “love bubble” in your marriage will pop and reality will set in. Your marriage will not always be easy and sometimes you will find yourself in the middle of the nitty gritty, the good, the bad and the ugly of it. That’s when it becomes hard, when you have to rely completely on the Lord and not your love for each other.

If you’re already married then I hope this book will be an inspiration for you that God can get you through anything in your marriage. If you both believe and follow Him, then He will lead you through it all.
If you are single, then I hope this will be an awareness of what your heart is vulnerable to in love. That God needs to be your stronghold from the start, and that He must be the one constant.

God chose to take me through a road less traveled in my marriage, and I love him for it. Traveling this path has made my marriage stronger and made me a better woman, wife and mother.

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The Ramblers by Catherine E. Chapman

Two friends, Sandy and Angela, join a rambling group, in the hope of finding love. The girls are unused to walking and ill-equipped for their expedition. 

Early in the walk Angela hurts her ankle but she refuses to give up, and continues walking. Events that follow challenge both girls' first impressions of their fellow ramblers.

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A Phone Conversation by Emily Sorensen

An alien little boy accidentally calls the White House while trying to reach McDonald's. 

A very silly, very short short story. 

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Demons of the Heart by RoughDraftHero

The world these high school students live in isn't that light-hearted. They suddenly find their school, Melean Prep, invaded by the Demon set-- teenagers with faster reflexes, stronger bodies, the ability to transform into animals... and most importantly, an undying thirst to find their mates. 

Culture clashes and trampled feelings are only the beginning of this tug-of-war, and it's just a matter of time before something will break. 

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Fix A Broken Line by Gary Weston

Doris Marsh's life was a mess. With her marriage of fifteen years behind her, it still broke her heart to see her ex husband with his new young love. She knew she had to get away from the small town and the constant reminders. 

Was she being brave or a coward running away? Would she find happiness in Fairhaven? And after a terrible event, who will be there to help her fix her broken life? 

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Yellow Eyes by Sonya Lee

Katrina Castillo is awakened by noises in her apartment. She barely escapes before her apartment goes up in flames. When the police and fire departments arrive, they find a grizzly discovery. A dead body has been left behind. Katrina is shocked at the realization that someone has been killed in a fire in her apartment. The police are baffled by the killers motives. They question Katrina but eventually release her. Katrina thinks that the events of the previous night are over, but they are just beginning. Soon Katrina finds herself on the run, trying to stay one step ahead of her a maniacal killer. Can the police keep Katrina alive long enough to learn the mystery behind her stalker. 

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Unhampered Liberty:  Who You Were Meant To Be! by Viveka

Each 'AGE' ends with a cataclysmic event and begins the NEW Age with a Divine One to assist mankind through the painful transition. With the Piscean Age to Aquarian Age transition coming to end, and frightful chaos looming down on humanity, time is most certainly of the essence! Each reader is guided back to the Principles of God, long hidden by who would control and rob mankind of TRUE FREEDOM.

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Back To You by Annie Brewer

On the outside, 17 year old Abby Lewis has it all. She is dating the HS Football star, has a best friend anybody would kill for and a love and passion for singing that could send her to Broadway. But on the inside a storm is raging inside of her that she can no longer hide. As her life at home becomes more unbearable she turns to the only rock she has ever known, Lucas. When her father abandoned her and her sister, Lucas was there to help her pick up the pieces. And now that her dad wants back in her life, Lucas will again be her source of strength. But she isn't his and Abby can't stand the thought of being anyone else's. Will she ever be able to let go of the past? Or will she let it control her for good? 

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Betrayal:  The Election of 1800 by Bert Brun

In 1800 Thomas Jefferson and John Adams find themselves pitted against each other for the presidency of the United States. The first two parties in American politics, Republicans on the Federalists waged a nasty bitter campaign before it’s all over, and Jefferson was declared the winner.

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Amy and the Unicorn by Mark Stephens

Amy is ten years old. Her favorite place to go is a land she calls Far Away where her best friend is a unicorn. When she is there, she hangs out with dwarves and fairies and gets chased by ogres. But this visit, she finds she has been summoned by the fairy queen herself. She and Benny undergo the trek before she has to return to the Other Place, the place she wishes she didn't have to go back to.

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Radio Sparx by John Rudram

Jimmy Beam, a Radio Jockey of 97.1MHz Radio sparx creates happy sparks in the lives of people of Cloveland and of course in Ms Ballerina Watson

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