Friday, July 6, 2012

#FREE Kindle eBooks ~ July 6th~!!

Here is today's fare of FREE eBooks for you to indulge your literary pleasures with...but get them now, cuz they won't be soo free

Wildnerness:  A Collection of Dark Tales by Elizabeth Yon

A strange, reclusive woman takes in an orphaned babe found in the forest; a mysterious dressmaker grants wishes and metes out chilling justice; two sisters are granted only one healthy heart; and a lonely widower finds companionship with a topiary unicorn.  These are only a few fascinating characters who people this collection of shadowy stories.  Written in lush, spellbinding language of fairy tales, they create a disturbingly believable world of magic and terror.

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Grace of a Different God by Judith & Brent Nelson

What would you do if you had to run away from home at the age of sixteen? What if you had been hidden away all of your life in a reclusive cult, and knew little to nothing about the outside world?  Would you know how to live on your own?  Where to go?  Whom you could trust??

Inspired by author Judith Nelson's own experiences, this is the story of Grace McGonnell.  Raised within an isolated cult of religious fundamentalists, Grace is pressured by her controlling mother to marry a fellow cult member over twice her age.  When her protests fall on deaf ears, she and her new friend Lydia run away to Los Angeles, where they are kidnapped and forced into a horrifying world of prostitution. 

Years later, Grace, now a successful attorney in Atlanta, is shocked to learn that her sixteen year old niece, still trapped within the cult, similarly is being told to marry an older man ~ and that Grace's mother, once again, is involved.  Grace is determined to save her niece at any cost.  Even if it means confronting a past that she would do anything to forget.  Even if it means revealing, for the first time, the pain that hidden past that she has kept from her husband and children.

The result is a stunning story of survival and triumph.  A story of learning how we each should live and choose to treat others, regardless of the circumstances in which we were raised.  And ultimately, a story of the power of love to conquer pain, isolation and fear.

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A Vampire's Rise by V.M.K. Fewings

Daumia Velde will be paying for his brother's death for the rest of his life.  Not because he is guilty, but because those who are guilty need a scapegoat.  Daumia would be dead himself were it not for the assistance of Sunaria, a mysterious woman appearing in the nick of time from the ghostly night of the graveyard.

After years of serving the corrupt Roelle at his ranch in Spain, Daumia at last begins to think of his freedom ~ of paying back the men who accused him and finding a way to rise in the world.  What he cannot foresee is the extent of his danger or the depth of the depravity of those who would hide their own crimes behind his ignorance.

Freeing himself from their deceptions may take more than Daumia is prepared to give.  It may, in fact, require his very life.

In this sweeping saga of betrayal and corruption in 15th century Spain, VMK Fewings introduces us to her epic Stone Masters Vampire Series.  This is the story of the man who would become one of the most powerful vampires in history.  Behind the legendary Orpheus is the history of a conflicted man fighting for his place in the world ~ and before that, a young boy who was not meant to survive the graveyard.

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Hat Trick by Caralyn Fox

Adele Knowles is just hired as the new event planner for the Boston Bears hockey team.  Dominik Tomondi is the star defenseman and thinks he has found the perfect match.  As the sparks between them threaten to melt the ice around Adele's heart, will Dominik be able to convince her the past is the past and that her future is with him?

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Sooo...what are you going to grab for yourselves??  Enjoy your musings...;)

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