Thursday, July 5, 2012

#FREE Kindle eBook Titles ~ July 5th

Check out the free eBooks for today...some pretty sick titles down below...and all of them are FREE...but you MUST get them today...tomorrow will be too late~!!  ;)

earth2earth I by Michael Bostwick

In earth2earth I, stark, yet luminous illustrations are interspersed with short, free~form works of poetry to forge a profoundly reflective, yet accessible work that explores some of man's most basic questions.  The book takes a probing look at global issues, spirituality, religion, science, the human condition, self~reflection, philosophy, and love.  In the spirit of celebrated illustrators like Shel Silverstein and Lynd Ward, Bostwick's light~hearted line of drawings and short free~form poetry join in a journey that transcends the times.

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The Unwilling Bride by Candy Ann Little

Beautiful and high~spirited Caitlin Gallagher has no desire to be married.  When she's forced into an arranged marriage, she vows to loathe the man.  Her anger is kindled even more when she finds out he was born in England.  Her family was forced to flee Ireland and move to America because of the war in England.  Now this Englishman is stripping her freedom away.  Dillon Cade is her enemy twice!

Gentle Dillon Cade has lived a quiet life for thirteen years in Norfolk, Virginia.  When he agrees to marry a young maiden so she can stay in America while her parents are deported back to Ireland, he gets more than he bargains for.  As he uses his newspaper to fight President Adams' sedition acts and helps Thomas Jefferson get elected, he must also deal with an unwilling bride, who now disturbs his peaceful life.

Can Caitlin work through her anger, finding faith in God and love in Dillon's arms?  Can Dillon tolerate her behaviour long enough to win her trust?

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Predestined Souls by C. Iesha Belling

Frank, a small town sports photographer and his wife Katie, a police officer, live a simple life with their young son Zane.  At least all was simple until Katie was shot in the line of duty.  Frank's world as he knew it spirals out of control and he begins to see images in his photographs.  Images only he can see.  Friends and family question his sanity as he tries to prove there are messages coming through in his pictures.  But what or who is trying to contact him?  And why?  Told in first person narrative by the lead character, Frank.

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Looking Through Blind Eyes by Reyna Hawk

Did the love of her life kill her beloved brother?

Janie and Daniel were not only brother and sister, they were the best of friends.  Coming from a troubled past to a new location; they thought their lives would finally be worth living.  However, Daniel's new work took them into the dark world of organized crime and essentially cost Daniel his life.  Filled with grief over the loss of her brother and new love for Rico, the "boss's assistant", Janie realizes there's more to Daniel's death than him simply disappearing and being found dead.  Soon Janie finds herself knocking at death's door with the man she loves more than life itself, the doorman.

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