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#FREE Kindle Books ~ July 7th~!!

Very excited to see what is being offered for FREE today...reading is just the many worlds, so many thoughts...truly, you have to dig imagination...hehe

Anne the Saint by Leigh Jenkins

He killed his wives, broke from Catholicism and founded his own church.  But history could have been quite different for Henry the VIII, as author Leigh Jenkins proves in this alternative history series, if only one key moment had changed in each of his marriages.

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Waiting for Fireflies by Matthew Fish

We are all waiting for something:  Love, happiness, a chance to feel like a normal person once more, some abstract opportunity that will give us comfort and security, moments of clarity and ~ finally and absolutely ~ hope.  We are all waiting on hope.

In the early 1900's, a young woman named Elise returns to the mysterious Red Manor, a mansion on a remote island that she grew in after her mother tragically passed away.  At Red Manor, Elise relives memories of her childhood and is haunted by ghosts that still reside within the decaying red walls of the old mansion.  As she attempts to piece together the reasons for her return, for which she has no memory of, her decisions and past will shape the lives of a young couple living a hundred years later.

This is a story about how love can change both the past and the future in unexpected ways.  Connected through time by the secretive Red Manor and a mythical white stag, Elise, Andrew and Anna may jut find the hope they are so desperately waiting for.

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Everybody's Daughter by Michael John Sullivan

Michael Steward travels back in time through a mysterious tunnel in an old church when the Romans ruled with brutal violence and Jesus preached his peaceful message.

His teenage daughter, Elizabeth soon follows Michael, but is surprised to discover that her father is nowhere to be found.  Little does she know that Michael has returned safely to the present, leaving her to battle a vicious Roman soldier.

Separated by centuries, Michael is trapped to fight his own battles in the present day.  Elizabeth's disappearance, and discovery of her blood in his car ignites a rush of judgment as the FBI focuses on him as a person of interest.  Michael's only hope for saving his daughter rests in the hands of his best friend ~ a local pastor with secrets of his own ~ and a mysterious journal containing tales of miracles within the walls of the old church itself.

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Dead Rich by T. H. Rahman

Humanity can only assume how life in a post~apocalyptic world, where rich, powerful men govern and have the capabilities to control both the living and the undead.

The Final War has decimated the United States and taken the lives of millions of people all over the world.  Modern society as we know it is now a thing of the past.

Bo, Cassius, Lynn and Tony find themselves trapped within Tate Estate and are forced to fight a vicious reality game where they must battle to the death against hordes of zombies in an attempt to earn their freedom or face a brutal end.

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Driving the Great Western Trail in Arizona by Jennifer L. & Raymond C. Andrews

Would you like to camp on an Indian Reservation or in an unspoiled forest, or in a star~lit desert accompanied by the sounds of chirping crickets?

Would you like to show your children where the deer and the antelope really play, and to drive on the same trails the pioneers rode in covered wagons, such as the Mormon Honeymoon Trail or the Moqui Stagecoach Trail?

If so, then pack a tent, stock your jeep, grab this book and say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of civilization for a week.

History of the trails and advice on off~road safety, driving techniques and the general information needed to drive the trail from Phoenix to the Utah border.

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Railroad!  Volume One:  Rodger Dodger (A Steampunk Western) by Tonia Brown

Railroad is a fast pace Steampunk story of gadgetry, gunplay and grit.

Join us as we follow the strange stand~alone train known as the Sleipnir; eight cars of free traveling steam powered might.  Able to lay her own tracks, as well as pick them up again, the train is a marvelous feat of engineering, and as an unbound entity she can travel anywhere her master desires.  The only trouble is the trouble she attracts.  Her owner and creator, one Professor Hieronymus J. Dittmeye, can't seem to help but catch the attention of all manner of odd characters, including an undead conductor and a ghostly guardian.  But even the most well intending ghost just isn't enough to keep trouble from the tracks.  From run of the mill outlaws, to world~class super villains, the crew of the Sleipner needs hands~on protecting and they need it fast!

Enter Rodger Dodger, dead~eye marksman and all around vexed soul.  Dodger finds he is inexplicably drawn to the Sleipnir and her crazy crew, though he is reluctant to return to the work of a gunslinger after a dreadful history of bloodshed and violence.  At the request of a restless spirit, Dodger takes on the work, straps on the biggest guns this side of the Mississippi and soon finds his life will never be the same again.  (Which is just fine with him because he didn't like the one he had anyways.)

On a train that can go anywhere, anything is bound to happen~!

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World's Deadliest Animals by Peter Q. Jones

Learn about the most deadly animals in the world, their methods of killing and why they are so dangerous to men and animals alike.

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High Crimes and Mr. Weiners by Paul Hawkins

When a local kid's TV show personality and his seven trained dachshunds get kicked to the curb in favour of generic PBS programming, the discovery of a hotdog~man suit in a fast food dumpster leads to a new career as a costumed crime fighter (hey, dogs have to eat).  And will the lady in his life discover his secret?  Okay, let's admit it ~ there is no lady in his life ~ just lots of mooched wifi.

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Jesslynn by Joleene Naylor

Not for children.  Part of a collection called Vampire Morsels about vampires from the Amaranthine universe.  When Jesslynn's baby gets sick, she sees only way to save him; by discovering whatever dark ritual keeps their neighbour, Jorick, healthy and eternally young.  She gets more than she bargained for.

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The Monday Rebellion by Andy Oldfield

Monday's Child may be fair of face, but in this humorous off the wall fantasy, he's also a rebel who wants the other days of the week to join him in the ultimate revolution.

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Street Cryptography by Christopher Forrest

So, you have a conspiracy going and need to pass messages along without worrying that someone will intercept them.  Congratulations, you've stumbled across the right book.

Whether your personal solution is a Vigenere, a Vic, or a One Time Pad, you'll find an easy guide on creating your own encryption scheme right here.  No need for a computer, except for the device you're reading this on.

This can all be done in your favourite notebook, with a PENCIL~!!

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The Busy Little Bee in the Paradise Garden by Reginald Chantraine

In a remote place in America, a piece of heaven resides, it is called the Paradise Garden.  It is filled with almost everything you could imagine, from flowers to unimaginable creatures that you won't think do exist.  And from it's grand beauty lies a forbidden territory of a so~called "darkness" and "beauty".

From the curiosity that Pandora received, a little bee from the great swarm finally crossed the line and decided to explore the other side of the paradise.  It is filled with beauty without darkness according to what saw.  But little he knew that the forbidden part of the paradise is same to a bear trap ~ a large working trap.

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Introduction to Korean Chess by Chris McDade

This is a brief introduction to the ancient game of Korean chess.  While it is primarily oriented toward the player of Western chess, it should be readily accessible to anyone wishing to peruse this fascinating game.  This is a truncated version of the full book.

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The Pale Shovel:  Death in 100 Words by Genieve Dawkins

A 100 word story in which the instrument of death, the pale horse of the Apocalypse, is represented as a shovel that serves as a tool and a weapon that ultimately doles out righteous karmic retribution and moves on.

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