Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Amazing Spider~Man ~ $35M on its First Day~!!

"The Amazing Spider~Man" set the mark for its opening day by garnering a whooping $35 million on its first day of release~!!  It is being toted as the best Tuesday movie day ever, beating out "The Transformers" who had the original record at $27.9 million during its debut on July 3rd, 2005.

Analyst's had earlier predicted that "The Amazing Spider~Man" would catch between $120 to $140 million for its first six days and things are looking good for our favourite web~slinger to meet his predicted range.  

"The Amazing Spider~Man" starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone and Marc Webb directing  has received an A from those under 18 and an A- for those over 18.

It has been five years since the last Spider~Man installation and this 2.5 billion franchise holds great confidence in its legacy and its fan~base.  

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