Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Empowerment of Long Leather Boots

“Oh, Miss Clara, you're gonna look like Emma Peel.” - To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)

Long leather boots are timeless. Sure, you can add embellishments, detailing, fur trims and all that stuff, but it's the shape of the boot that begins the love affair. There's so much variety in women's footwear, and ankle boots from brands such as Hotter shoes that takes fashion further with an extra comfy tailored fit. We need the variety, right ladies? But the long boot always makes an reappearance.

From the elegant line from the top of the boot to the turn of the heel, boots like these refuse to be ignored. It starts off with that first glimpse, just as you invent a reason to walk past that shop window, or have a quick browse online.

There could be a sale on, after all...

Then you see them. A pair of gorgeously shaped long leather boots that you know were made for you. You can already picture what they'll go with. Those skinny jeans, that punky mini skirt you've been dying to wear, the long skirt for autumn – your world opens up with a pair of sexy leather boots. They create confidence, a mastery of the world around you.

So where does this attitude come from? What is it about a pair of heel boots and long boots that offers this feeling of empowerment? Let's go back to the early eras of these long-lived items of footwear to find out more.

While there are many sources that suggest the earliest examples of boots date back more than 3,000 years, it is the structured boot that we need to look at. It's no great surprise that the origin of the long boot is a working one; specifically for the military, and the days of soldiers on horseback in the field of combat.

It is inevitable that such a style of boot would become a fashion icon. From the poise of the Victorian era, through to the rise of feminism in the 60's – helped in many ways by pop culture characters like Mrs Emma Peel in the Avengers – right up to today.

The structured shape of these boots give a regimented support, dictating your posture. This elegance dictates the shape of the leg and how you carry yourself, offering a strident gait. In turn, this gives you a real feeling of empowerment, and quite rightly too!

What you wear should make you feel good about yourself, from your head to your toes. It's no wonder that a long, heeled boot has been the cornerstone of women's fashions. Decade upon decade, boots adapt, develop and evolve, but no one can resist a sexy boot to complete that strong, feminine silhouette.

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