Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day 12 ~ Holiday Gift Guide ~ Vamplets ~ Baby Vampyres

Jarl LaMort, part of the marketing team that developed the 2004 Spice Mice, came up with the idea for Vamplets Baby Vampyres, a line of plush Vampyre dolls, after being bitten by a notion... 

What was it like to live life as a Baby Vampyre?

ARV $19.95 USD
LaMort, and Baby Vampyre plush designer, G-Ra (who redeveloped Hasbro's 1995 Little Pet Shop line), who had also been working on plans for a similar line, decided to combine both of their efforts to create this spectacular new line of plush toys for both girls and boys.

Vamplets and Vampets are residents of Gloomvania, an online community where people can interact and even create and customize tombstones.

Introducing the Vamplets:

Count Vlad Von Gloom

It is said that Count Vlad is descended from the direct line of Count Dracula.  Thus making him born from a royal line and somewhat arrogant in his nature.

Count Vlad has an insatiable appetite and is never fully fed, even after he has just nourished.  It is advisable to keep a warm bottle of blood nearby for his development.

ARV $5.95 USD
Vlad is VERY fussy about his appearance and even the slightest drop of blood upon his diapers will put him into a devilishly diva~trastic tantrum.   Now, if a tantrum does occur, make sure you place him quickly on his favourite toy, his bed of nails.

Not only are you able to purchase your Vamplets, but they also carry the perfect accessories, like the Disappearing Bottle of Blood for your new Baby Vampyre to enjoy.  As well as, women's and children's tee shirts and onesies which portray the adorable ghoulish Baby Vampyre's and catchy sayings.

My Thoughts~!!

I think the Vamplets ~ Baby Vampyre Plush Dolls are just the cutest creepy I have ever encountered.  They are really really cute and I believe that the pictures do not do them any justice. 

I recently reviewed Count Vlad Von Gloom and he comes in a coffin package.  I also received the disappearing bottle of blood and its pretty neat how it disappears and gives the effect of actually being drunk by the Baby Vampyres.  An excellent upgrade to a product of the past, very ingenious~!!

My son really took to this doll and my husband didn't have any problems with his using one, Count Vlad appeals to boys and I feel it will help enable him to be a better father one day as it is teaching him how to nuture and bond, something that is often lacking in boys "shoot 'em and shove 'em" type toys being marketed.  I liked the fact that it allowed the masculine men in my family to be able to participate with the doll as they have done and I am fairly certain it will become a new bedtime companion for my son.  My seven year old loves zombies and this appeals to his slightly macabre side of his nature without going overboard.

He isn't that heavy and feels great to touch.  The green tint around is eyes gives him a certain undead appeal to his milky white skin which is charming.  And his little leather like diaper has skull upon it for added effect.  Everything is embroidered and stitched with finesse and there were no little seams or threads poking out of the workmanship.

I found the customer service to be ghoulishly groovy and they were a friendly group to work with, even though I had to bring garlic to most of our meetings, one can never be to safe.  It was shipped in a timely and efficient manner and I cannot really find anything negative to say, which is good, in my honest opinion.

And did I mention the price of these gorgeous little Vampyres was ONLY $19.95 plus S/H~!!  Being a frugal mom, that is one sweet selling price~!!

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