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BOOK REVIEW: Tears In The Dust by Chuck Waldron

Tears In The Dust is a Contemporary Action Adventure.

The journey begins with the letter from a dying man to one of his dearest friends, Michael.  In the letter he states that he has killed two people, one he didn't know about and one he did and be makes a dying last wish to have his life story recorded for everyone to understand how certain events in ones life can shape who they become forever.

Michael, a procrastinator decides to fulfill the wish of Alec, a.k.a. Alestair Stuart Ferguson.  Alec, as a young man, wished to join the Spanish Army of 1937, to help keep the invaders away.  Being an American, it was against the law to do such, so he makes his way into Canada, across the Vermont border, so that he can enlist on the Canadian side. 

What Alec doesn't realize is that someone is watching him and following him, Samuel T. Harrison, an unmoralistic detective for the Pinkerton Detective Agency; who scans the train stations looking for wanted criminals.  After getting a tip from the train master that Alec isn't who he claims to be, Sam decides to follow him and make his move when the timing is proper.  There are two things he hates in life, Alec and women and along the way, Alec manages to evade his capture.  The same cannot be said of the people who get in Sam's way, many of those people end up dead.

After Alec arrives in Spain, he is befriended by a Spanish girl named, Tamarah, with whom he falls in love with.  Things don't turn out as expected and Alec is left emotionally and physically drained as he attempts to fight for the Spanish.  After Sam catches up with Alec and begins to destroy his life, Alec has no choice but to disappear, but where will he go that Samuel won't find him and who has to suffer along the way?

I thought this was an extremely charged book and thought the plot was written with clarity and excitement.  This book is not for the faint of heart, there is a good deal of graphics and expletives that may not be suitable for those do not enjoy over-the-top adult situations.  However, most will enjoy the fast-pace of the narrative and the mystery surrounding the story, as well, the historical aspects dispersed throughout was equally enjoyable to read.

I thought the characters and the plot worked great together.  Samuel was a despicable man and he was written in perfect format with loathing and hatred, you couldn't help but dislike him and feel for Alec as he tries to out maneuver and evade Sam's tactics. I liked reading about the historic tidbits strewn through out and reading about Canada. 

I would give Tears In The Dust a four out of five stars, while I enjoyed the read and couldn't put the book down, I found some of the of the story was TOO fast-paced and somewhat abrupt and it just stole a little bit from the overall effect of the story, however, it is a worthy read and if you enjoy a good mystery adventure, then you will definitely love this one!  I look forward to reading more from the author, Chuck Waldron

Tears in the Dust is a contemporary novel with gleams of hope intertwined within the despair of life. This is a story which serves to lift the reader up, only to take him back down into the darkness that lurks around the corners of one man’s life. Alestair “Alec” Ferguson beings a journey as a young man, off to enlist in the Spanish Civil War in 1937. Samuel T. Harrison is a dark and warped detective with a deep hatred of communism. He is the dark and violent nemesis who makes his way into the ranks of the detective agency where his boss uses his violent talents. People disappear whenever Harrison comes to town. The story chronicles Alec’s journey to Spain to fight in a war filled with personal loss and disillusionment. While in Spain, Alec falls in love with Tamarah, a convoy drive for the International Brigade. The war takes a heavy toll on Alec, and he learns just how high the cost of war can be. Disheartened, Alec fights on despite the damage done to his once strongly held beliefs. When Alec returns to his home in Vermont, seeking healing and the redemption of his ideals, what he finds there instead, causes him to flee to Canada and live the rest of his life under a false identity. But, no matter how far he goes, Alec cannot outrun Harrison, who pursues him through years and countries, only to catch up with him in a stunning conclusion to the story.

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