Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird and Wonderful Bicycles

The world is full of innovators, weekend warriors and shed tinkerers. Certain in their belief that everything needs to be poked, changed and tweaked. Even the humble bicycle, unchanged for decades, has seen a great deal of attention from these eccentric creators. Cycling Holidays will never be the same again after you take a look at some of these weird and wonderful creations.

Treadmill Bike - For the Energetic
For the cool price of 2500 Canadian dollars you too can have your very own treadmill bike. This bizarre creation may look like the illegitimate love child of a Gym and Bicycle shop, but believe it or not, it is completely functional. With gym membership fees becoming more expensive each year, Bike Forest decided enough was enough! By simply running on the treadmill as normal you will begin to “cycle” down the street, reassembling some sort of horrific treadmill related accident

Couch Sofa - For the Lazy
Those mischievous rogues from Bike Forest have done it again with the Couch Bike. Knowing all to well how difficult it can be to work up the courage to go outside and get some exercise on a lazy Sunday afternoon. With the Couch Bike you won’t even have to mess up your much loved “couch groove” that you have spent all afternoon lovingly creating. Simply place those non-compliant, begrudging feet on the pedals and get pedalling!

Di-Cycle - For the Sci-Fi Fans
The Di-Cycle is a two wheeled bike that has been designed to work on land and on water, while maintaining its peculiar space age looks. Imagine the shocked looks you will get on your activity holidays. As you speed down the road, pedalling like a crazed person, as people scream “Watch out for the water!” Watch them stare open mouthed as you seamlessly migrate from dry-land to water.

World’s Tallest Bicycle - For the Insane
This bicycle was created by Scott Graham and is the current world record holder for the world’s tallest bike. Standing tall at 14 feet, 3 inches this bike ultimately deserves its title. The bike itself was built from scavenged parts from a scrapyard.  Scott breathed new life into several rusty bicycles and assorted bits and pieces to create something truly unique.

To attain the Guinness World Record the bicycle had to be ridden for an extended period of time. Unfortunately for Scott the weather was not as calm as it could have been that day. When you are 14 foot in the air, balancing precariously, on a bright yellow bicycle made out of scrap metal, the last thing you need is heavy wind.

Sharon is an avid cyclist with a passion for travelling the world.