Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things to Know Before Traveling in India

One must keep a few things in mind before traveling to India. India is a large country with a variety of geographical features which gives the country a variety of weather conditions at the same time. Different places have different weather conditions and temperatures so you must pack accordingly. India has a tropical climate and is usually warm. The summer season is usually quite hot and usually extends from April to June, the monsoon season or the rainy season begins in late June and stays till September while the winter season begins in November and is there till the end of February. The winter season is the best time to travel to India as the weather is most comfortable during that season.

Hotels in India are of various types, one can find luxury hotels as well as budget hotels. While hotels maybe easily available during the off-season, there is a great demand for hotel rooms during the season therefore it would be best to book hotels in advance. Most hotels India have online websites which give detailed descriptions of the facilities provided by them. One can easily book a hotel India room online as well. Hotel websites also advertises concierge’s or receptionist’s phone number, in case any additional arrangements need to be made for sightseeing  or any other purpose it would be best to call beforehand  and find out for sure, before booking, if  the hotel can take care of it.

If a traveler knows English it should not be very difficult to communicate as most Indians can speak English. One should be careful about their possessions while using public transport in India as pickpockets are not uncommon. Never keep all your money in one place and be very careful about your passport and visa. Be wise while making purchases on the street, street vendors usually mark their prices very high and one must bargain before making purchases.

Reputed shops have fixed prices and therefore no bargaining is possible. One can find worthy purchases to remember a trip both in shops as well as on the streets. Before making purchases in a place, you might take the advice of an Indian resident or even the concierge of a hotel India can give you some great tips on shopping in the city.

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While traveling in India it is best to drink bottled water of reputed brands instead of the ones freely available with local shops. While Indian street food is very famous one must have it with a bit of caution. Different regions of India have different cuisines and different ways of cooking; traveling to a place would be incomplete without trying its cuisine. Indian food is often very spicy and hot which most foreigners are unaccustomed to therefore while experimenting with India cuisine it would be best to ask the waiter’s advice before placing the order.

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