Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 3 ~ Holiday Gift Guide ~ Momo's Piggery

Momo's Piggery's Mission Statement is to find forever loving homes for their cute clay creatures.

This is how it all started...

Hello all, how lovely of you to stop by!
Somewhere back in May 2011…
*ring ring*

“Hello momo, this is Sue (CavyHouse guinea pig rescue)
We are putting together a fund raiser event together, can you come and help?”
“Of course I would...”
And this is how it all started as I sat there on fat butt and thought of ways we could raise money to pad up CavyHouse’s vet fund...
Hm… we can sew some cozies for sale... but I don’t sew!
Well, we can have some baked goods for sale,… but we don’t have a food license…
What about some guinea pig themed crafts for sale?
Uh,... eh... hmm...
Well, what kind of crafts can I do that doesn’t involve sewing, drawing, painting or cutting?
*cue gospel music in the background*

I give you adoptable polymer clay guinea pigs! 

The idea of encouraging adoption instead of buying or breeding is very important to the folks at Momo's Piggery, so this will also play a big role in their shop.

Each will come with their own adoption certificate, and by adopting them, you promise to love and care for them forever.

Momo's Piggery normally sells their creations at the Cavy House Guinea Pig Rescue monthly fundraisers, but they hope to reach a wider audience online. More than anything else, they enjoy making things that others can enjoy - and of course, it is all for a good cause.

Most of their items are made with polymer clay, jewelry grade metals, glass beads, and reclaimed items such as apple wood sticks from a neighbor's tree and biodegradable confetti. Now they can look good, adopt a shelter clay guinea pig, and help planet Earth!

If you have a question or would love to know more about Momo's Piggery herd of wheekities, please ask or visit their  personal blog at:

They ship outside the USA too~!!

My Thoughts~!!

I had the wonderful opportunity to review a Momo's Piggery necklace...the Maggie –guinea pig pendant necklace (with frosted crystal glass beads and Joy charm) was REALLY cute...Maggie is beautifully crafted and my daughter LOVES the necklace and wore it to school to get her friends thoughts.  The girls squealed over how adorable the necklace was and it was endearing to hear my daughter explain to them that the women who made it for her also helps Guinea Pigs because they are her best friends.  

Maggie is a petite little girl guinea pig who sports the signature Momo's Piggery eyepatch.  She hangs on a 16" silver-plated chain necklace with a little frosted crystal bead and a silver-plated Joy charm.  The clasp on the necklace is a silver lobster clasp.

There are little notes about Maggie that are really cute.  Like how Maggie loves to go shopping, especially for groceries in the produce aisle or how September is her birthday month.

You also receive a business card sized adoption certificate stating that the "name of guinea pig" was adopted by you or whoever you wish to be the bearer of the adoption and that the piece you purchased was made with love and that the recipient promises to care for their clayest member of the family.  It is just too cute~!!

Momo's Piggery doesn't just make necklaces, they also make keychains, bracelets, magnets, charms, earrings and bookmarks...PLUS, they are always open for new ideas~!!

I also received a Adopt A Piggy keyring, Rocky is embellished with a green glass leaf and a silver-plated paw print and a Got Wheek magnet.  The magnets are about 1" in diameter and have a very strong magnet on the back of them.

I think these adorable items would make GREAT stocking stuffer gifts!!  Not only would you be giving something delightful to your loved one but you would be helping a worthy cause!

A portion of ALL sales goes to help the CAVY HOUSE Guinea Pig Rescue~!!

Cavy House is a non-profit no-kill organization that rescues guinea pigs from local bay area shelters and provides the necessary veterinary care and socializing needed to place these guinea pigs into forever, loving homes.  Cavy House also boards guinea pigs to help pay for rescue expenses.

What a great way to help...purchase something wonderful for a loved one and help a worthy that's the TRUE meaning of Christmas~!! 

** Disclosure: I did not accept any compensation from the sponsors other than review copies, my views are my own, reviewed by I see it~!! **